Kwese TV is back! High court says they can continue selling


So the High Court has permitted Dr Dish to continue selling Kwese. Remember the story was that they could not sell the service because the Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe had gone to the Supreme Court to contest the earlier ruling by the High Court that confirmed that Dr Dish still had a valid license to sell Kwese.

BAZ then went to the Supreme Couret to contest the ruling. Legally Dr Dish had to wait to sell Kwese until the Supreme Court decides. So what did they do? They filed an urgent application at the High Court to be permitted to sell the service in the meantime until the appeal case is decided on.

The High Court has thus now decided that Dr Dish will continue to sell until the Supreme Court decides, This is good news for Kwese because procedures at the Supreme Court usually take too long sometimes even years. In passing this judgement, the High Court has kind of acknowledged that BAZ was just trying to frustrate Kwese. For their efforts the High Court has ruled that BAZ should pay the legal costs.


Really when you look at it, BAZ was trying to frustrate Kwese. We doubt they have any strong case before the Supreme Court bench. We applaud the High Court for making today’s ruling: it is not good precedence for people to use the courts for silly reasons like mere attempts to frustrate someone else.

Or maybe I should say frustrating the competition? Remember the Zimbabwe government has part ownership in Multichoice Zimbabwe. I wonder how this story will play out seeing as it is DSTV has recently lowered pricing and introduced a new ultra budget package which costs just $7. Although this is still just payable in hard USD currency.

Anyway, Kwese can be sold for now. Here is the ruling for you to go through.

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