You can now activate night mode on Twitter website

Twitter Night mode, Rayhatron

Twitter recently announced that night mode is now available on the web version of the social media site. Night mode has been available on both the iOS and Android versions of Twitter. The mode changes the colors of Twitter to have a darker theme where ordinarily white and gray would be the dominating colors, two different shades of black will now be dominating colors.

For you to activate night mode on when you’re on the web version of Twitter, just navigate to your profile icon located at the top right corner. Click that icon and a menu should become visible. On that menu, the night mode option should be the last one just after the log out option. When you click on that night mode option, Twitter will then refresh the page to make the adjustments.

To deactivate it, just navigate to the same menu and click on the night mode option and Twitter will refresh and bring back the day mode. Such updates may not be that major but they do bring some quality of life to the social media especially if it’s being accessed from the web version, not mobile app versions.


Some people use this mode just because they like the way it looks even if it during daylight hours. However, for some, it does help reduce the amount of blue light exposure they get during the night since the mode has darker colors like black which contains less blue. Blue light is artificial light produced by most electronic device screens. It affects the natural sleeping patterns of many and some phones now come with a feature to automatically filter out blue light once night time has arrived.

Let us know if you use the web version of Twitter. Will you use this new theme there? Do you use night mode at all on other apps? Why do you use night mode if you do? Interested to hear your thoughts.

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