TelOne is launching WiFi Home and Away tomorrow

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Techzim has received an invite to a launch of a new service from TelOne. The launch will be tomorrow and TelOne will be launching what they are calling WiFi Home and Away. TelOne WiFi sharing or as they call it WiFi Home and Away is a service which will allow people with TelOne ADSL or Fibre internet at their home to use that data at any TelOne WiFi hotspot.

The service has been accesible from their website for some time so it’s probably that they are now officially launching it to the public since they’ve finished testing and working on it. Techzim recently wrote about how to register for TelOne WiFi sharing. TelOne currently has over 100 WiFi hotspot around Zimbabwe though most of them are located in Harare.

With so many TelOne WiFi hotspots, they are probably trying to get more people using them and if they do then their data will more likely run out quickly which would mean people would buy more TelOne data. Hopefully, the speed on the WiFi hotspots won’t disappoint as people start to use them more often due to the WiFi Home and Away service. TelOne also recently launched a promotion where people would be able to get 100% extra data if they subscribe for their internet for 4 months straight.

It seems like TelOne is really making a push to get more people using their internet service as they have probably seen that voice revenue isn’t the way to go anymore. TelOne also switched to prepaid voice services in June in an attempt to get more people using their voice services so they aren’t completely shutting down on voice as they built their company on that.

Apart from WiFi Home and Away, TelOne will also be launching a voice bundle tomorrow. So it’s interesting to see what that will be about. Let us know if you’ll use this WiFi Home and Away service. What features would you like to see being introduced?


  1. Anonymous

    Guys Zim switchis down….I think ndiyo nyaya inofanirwa kuita headline

  2. Lavaz

    I work at Beverly Court, the building next to Runhare House, the wifi signals at Runhare doesn’t even reach us at our workplace which is barely 10 metres away. Telone should expand its wifi coverage around town to cover workplaces. It will be great to be accessing telone wifi from my workdesk and using my adsl bundle all day long than going to stand under the router to just use wifi.

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