YouTube’s personalized ads will now also be based on the apps you’ve installed

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YouTube recently announced that they’re introducing a new tool for marketers to send you more personalized advertisements when you’re viewing YouTube video. The tool is called “Director Mix” and it allows a company to create literally thousands of video ads that are customized for different audiences all from one creative asset.


A creative asset is a collection of materials that can be used in making advertisements. For example, voiceovers, backgrounds, and text. Director Mix will use this creative asset to automatically create different versions of a video ad to match the advertiser’s various audience demographics that they’re targeting.

YouTube will be using machine learning to make this possible and the system will use more than just your search data to personalize the advertisement. Since YouTube is owned by Google, Director Mix will have access to data from Google Maps e.g places you search for in the app or visit physically while your location is being tracked by Google.


If you’re using an Android device, YouTube will even be able to use the data of what apps you’ve installed on your smartphone to bring you personalized ads when watching videos. As if this wasn’t creepy enough, Google says it’s now improving Custom Affinity Audiences which is a feature that allows advertisers to target you more precisely.

As good as it sounds to get more relevant adverts when you’re browsing online, the amount of data that they are now accessing is quite significant. So it makes you wonder, do you still have any privacy at all? You could always turn off any tracking of your data and you won’t have a problem.

Let us know what you think about this, would you like to get more personalized advertisements on YouTube at the expense of your privacy? Do you even like ads at all? Have you turned off tracking of any of your data?

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