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ZANU PF membership cards to soon turn into ‘debit cards’


So back in 2014, Techzim wrote about how the ZANU PF membership cards now had a Zimswitch logo. At that time, it was quite unclear how everything would work we were all left but just wondering since none of the stakeholders could give us any useful information.

3 years later, we now have the answers and here goes…

It’s reported that ZANU PF membership cards will soon be connected to a People’s Own Savings Bank (POSB) account (as had been suspected at some point) thus giving them a debit card kinda function.  A very relevant strategy I must say, considering the current cash crisis that’s if of course it just doesn’t remain ‘promise’

So, say this go as on paper, the strategy will be great in helping people especially in the rural areas have access to plastic money since apparently most of them do not own any bank accounts. Therefore, for card holders or future card holders, this will ease basic transactions such as making purchases.

Added to that, ZANU PF intends on rolling out more Point Of Sale (POS) machines. This makes sense given that the idea would have been more or less a futile had they just left it at giving out ‘membership debit cards’ (well, I say giving out but I’m not sure if it’s going to be free). The rollout of POS machines will mostly be concentrated on rural areas since access to the machines is limited for people based in the rural areas.

So, apart from getting more people to join the party and vote, the initiative is meant to simplify the process of collecting ZANU PF’s US$1 monthly membership subscriptions. It will make the process electronic and less tedious especially now that according to the new 24, they are looking to issue the cards to a million members ahead of the 2018 polls.

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4 thoughts on “ZANU PF membership cards to soon turn into ‘debit cards’

  1. How does a political parties card increase access to plastic money? Individuals can already go to banks and get debit cards. Are you impying that there are people out there who want to use plastic money, and can’t without a Zanu-PF card?? It’s also one thing to issue a card, and it’s another for that card to actually be funded, i.e, have money in it. One needs access to a bank, directly or indirectly, to fund any debit card in Zimbabwe. If one have access to bank, why would they opt ot use a political party card to transact. Are these actual facts, or sheer speculation?

  2. This political outfit masquerading as patriotic is good at hoodwinking the naive in society, and the majority happen to be rural folk. A card is useless until it is funded. POS devices don’t operate in isolation, they debit money from an existing account in exchange for goods/services. If this is a loyalty system, the card still needs to be funded for one to do any meaningful debit transaction with it. Otherwise it is no different from a Cimas card. There is no way that a political party that disenfranchises people and blackmails or coerces them for their vote (maiming and killing) can be technology-driven or progressive, its illogical. Believe this hogwash at the risk of being classified as stupid.

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