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About the delayed completion of CABS system upgrade; and a note to all e-money platforms

CABS bank que

Now that the government has become clear about not giving ‘non-exporters’ cash, the need for reliable electronic banking systems skyrockets – after all, the bulk of us are ‘non-exporters’.

A cashless society can be achieved, only if trust comes into play. Unfortunately, trust is not something we have in Zimbabwe, we have become a broken child. We’ve been disappointed one too many times and now our trust literally needs to be earned. One would have to prove beyond any reasonable and unreasonable doubt that indeed they can be trusted.

Quite unfortunate again that those that need (or maybe just want) our trust are doing so little if at all to gain it – a syndrome that emanates from the government.


Techzim has reported a lot on the incompetence of some banks and mobile money platforms, an example from the top of my head would be Steward Bank. I acknowledge that the ‘cashlessness’ move was a bit rapid, which means maybe their systems were not ready for the overload but I really resent most of these platforms’ poor communication skills. Most of the time, it’s only after people start complaining that they start sending out notifications, and I refuse to believe that these platforms only get to know that something is wrong when people start complaining. Even so, I would still blame them for not knowing, aren’t there teams/individuals meant to constantly monitor the systems?

Quite recently, CABS had a scheduled system upgrade which they communicated (I’d say) well to the public. Unfortunately, the upgrade took longer than scheduled and based on our intel, a lot of people were not kept up to speed. This is actually a trend with most of these banks. Usually, the only privileged society is one on social media otherwise if not, you’ll be stuck thinking it’s a you-problem.

Apart from Facebook, twitter, the newspaper, can we not add text messages? Text messages that arrive on time and not 2 days after the damage has already been done. In fact why not be pro-active? If you can predict how long a certain upgrade will take, I’m pretty sure you can tell half way through that you won’t be able to finish it on time, so why not just let your customers know than gamble?

And by the way, this is not only addressing CABS but all the other platform that have anything to do with money, it’s money for crying out loud! CABS just happened to be the sacrificial lamb today.

So back to the main story; according to the email we received from CABS on the 24th of October, the upgrade had been successfully completed – yet, up to now we still are witnessing complaints from CABS customers. Complaints ranging from money disappearing from accounts, RTGS transfers not reaching their intended destinations on time (if at all), CABS customers not being able access their EcoCash accounts on the platform etc. All some serious inconvenience for people who chose to trust their system.

In conclusion, please CABS et al., (yes you all know yourselves) do take your customers a little more seriously especially now in this semi-cashless society, our lives genuinely depend on it.

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