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CBZ Touch Pulls The Plug On DStv Payments…

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There are a limited number of options of how one can use money in their bank accounts to pay for their DStv subscriptions. Among that list, you won’t be seeing CBZ’s Touch as an option any longer.

CBZ touch cancels dstv payments

Effective immediately CBZ have stopped the processing of DStv payments using their mobile money solution most likely to reign in the need for remitting forex to the media company. It comes as no surprise that the publicly listed financial institution has taken this road, though Techzim will confirm whether this new development is for all account holders and not just their ‘Touch’ users.

As the access to foreign currency continues to worsen, it’s only a matter of time before more banks cull the taking of DStv payments and let subscribers find their own alternatives to making payments for their entertainment. DStv to this day continues to refuse accepting payments through local means and have passed on the obligation to banks to “figure it out“.

I’m sure that one of the matters high on the priority list of our new Minister of Finance, Ignatius Chombo, will be controlling the use of the scarce forex in the market while trying to get consumers to consume local content. Interestingly, DStv’s main competitor in Zimbabwe, Kwese TV, uses the ability for one to pay their subscriptions using any form of local payments, including swipe, EcoCash and bond notes. The Minister has yet to speak on the issue but we’ll be sure to update you when he does.

Besides the obvious paying in US dollars, how are you paying your DStv? Is there a method that we’re missing, that’s affordable for everyone, that one can use?

When asking members of our WhatsApp groups how they are solving it a number have stated that if it’ll need them to get USD’s then they rather subscribe to the South African bouquets, where the viewing options are wider. Techzim can neither confirm nor deny whether this is the case.

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4 thoughts on “CBZ Touch Pulls The Plug On DStv Payments…

  1. Viewing options are indeed wider – on RSA DStv Compact for instance, you get SS3 plus all the SATV broadcast channels which are missing from the Zim DStv Compact bouquet.

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    Contact me on +263778243866

    1. DSTV is boycotting the market itself and is facing a slow, certain death. I went to Multichoice Avondale yesterday to hear it from the horses own mouth and they are not backing down – we are not taking bond cash (only USD), and not taking card swipe they said. And the customer care lady sheepishly said only a limited number of banks are still honouring payments. My own bank Steward suspended Mastercard payments 2 days ago, meaning we can no longer pay online. I told her you are effectively driving us towards Kwese and all she did was to shrug her shoulders! We are already now in the belt tightening phase as a country, no more expensive life frills like movies, imported chocolate, etc.

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