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Sick of retailers refusing modes of payment other than cash? RBZ shares what we can do about it

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The RBZ says it has come to their attention that certain retailers and traders of goods and services are refusing to accept modes of payment other than cash. I do not know exactly when it is that it came to their attention but kudos to them for this world class detective work.

I mean it’s not like we have been complaining about this for ages now. They must have thought we just like to queue up at banks to get $30 in cash. They must have thought that because why would we need cash when we can pay using other means? No, they knew. They were working on a response, if you ask me.

So now that the RBZ knows of these ‘undesirable practices that distort our markets’ they are urging members of the public to report to the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) or the RBZ itself. The RBZ promises that if we do that the necessary corrective action will be taken against such malpractices.

How does one report to the RBZ though? I ask this because I remember watching the Parliamentary debate that is screened on ZBC TV one Wednesday and the same question was asked by some MPs. Finance minister Chinamasa had told them to report banks that were being mischievous to the RBZ. The MPs told him that even they could not get to see anyone or report anything, they were told to book appointments but never got to see anyone.

So I guess the only option we realistically have is to report to our friends, the ZRP. Like they don’t know too. This whole thing infuriates me. Where are the police buying their wares where cash is not being demanded? They know. Anyway, if you know of any traders or retailers demanding cash only go report them to the police.

Let us hope that the RBZ governor Dr John Panonetsa Mangudya was not over promising when he said corrective action will be taken. I’m not crossing any fingers though.

In a related case, EcoCash urges all of us to report any case of EcoCash agents charging us extra to cash out. The agents are not allowed to do that as it is illegal so if an agent asks for a ‘percentage’ get in touch with EcoCash and corrective action will be taken. I don’t know where you will get the cash though but let us report to put an end to this malpractice.

What do you think about all this? Have you ever reported an EcoCash agent and seen corrective action taken? Do you think the RBZ promise that corrective action will be taken will compel retailers to desist from their malpractices? Or maybe you do not think these retailers should be forced to accept those other forms of payment. Let us know in the comments below.

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10 thoughts on “Sick of retailers refusing modes of payment other than cash? RBZ shares what we can do about it

  1. The RBZ handled a complaint I had with my bank quite hastily and efficiently, to be honest, I was amazed. They have toll free numbers that you can use 0800 6009 for TelOne landlines only, and 0808 6770 for Econet only. The customer care lady I dealt with was courteous and professional. As a Telecel subscriber, she actually called me back after I mentioned that I’m not using an Econet line. Do not hesitate to seek assistance from the RBZ regarding any malpractices you may encounter. I was sceptical myself, but it worked out well at the end.

    I don’t understand though how the ZRP can assist when organisations do not accept other forms of payment, when they are at the top of list of accepting cash only.

  2. The whole of rezende and leopold takawira tuckshops never accept any mode of payment besides cash so RBZ should act first on those people, then we will start to put trust on them and of these people who operate those tuckshops most of them a foreigners kuuya kuzotikanganisira nyika manigerians and congolese guys nxas

    1. Sorry pal, nyika takazvikanganisira tega – following & listening to “leaders” that are “ruling” and “in power” who encourage theft of property is maximum idiocy in my book. Why should a sitting president encourage theft? If you think that’s great that’s part of the problem. Lasting greatness comes through hard, honest work not theft. The theft benefitted a few but destroyed agriculture and other dependent industries leading to the present mess. You reap what you sow. Any “leader” who encourages lawlessness is not fit to be called such.

  3. How do you deal with dual pricing,price for bondnotes,price for US$ and price for ecocash or swipe of the same product

  4. ZRP itself does not accept any form of payment except cash. Was at Morris last week for fingire prints and was told to pay in cash as they do not have swipe or ecocash. The finance officers were busy counting cash in their office.

  5. So many shop’s do not accept any form of payment besides cash. And I came to realise that even some retailers who used to accept ecocash nowadays they are insisting on cash. When u ask them the response is that for them to continue trading they have to insist on cash payments. It’s unfortunate our authorities may not be shopping from these kind of shops so they are not aware.

  6. I have said this before and I will say it again for the sake of emphasis. When it comes to bullshitting us, the RBZ takes the World Cup.

  7. Why are incompetent, good-for-nothing, nose-picking chair-warmers be referred to as “authorities” What do they know? One would expect some kind of perambulation, mental or physical for being paid a salary from the taxpayers…instead they all wanna tell US what to do. How about rolling your sleeves up and earning your salary? I hope this will the the last govt to employ all of you!

  8. I was walking with a detective outside of Central Police station looking for thick cellotape for fingerprinting after I had my car broken into, all the shops around there were asking for cash only! I hypothetically asked him can’t he arrest he asked on what grounds? Maybe it was just after prices just shot up things were still uncertain…

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