Video: You say Zimbabwe has the highest literacy rate in Africa… You’re wrong!


News reports often claim that because of Zimbabwe’s superior education, it has the highest literacy rate in Africa. Recently a politician in the country, Supa Mandiwanzira, echoed this “fact”.


The data, unfortunately, suggests otherwise. There are at least 10 countries that are ahead of Zimbabwe in terms of literacy… but is there even a point of comparing?

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13 thoughts on “Video: You say Zimbabwe has the highest literacy rate in Africa… You’re wrong!

    1. Personally, my day was chronically ruined a long time ago by so many governance issues before this. If this brought you down, you must be leading quite a different life

    1. You have to be very dull to expect correlation.

      Literacy has no significant bearing on good governance. Except to be literate. To be able to write and read…and any benefits that result from that ability.

      Literacy doesn’t define sound mind, intelligence, morals, principles…

      The devil knew scripture…isn’t that some level of literacy?

      Robert Oppenheimer, the “father” of the atomic bomb, was beyond literate. He was well-read and (scientifically & academically) intelligent… but what did he do?

  1. The literacy rate is a “nice” statistic to throw around especially when the country’s hope is buried within a cul-de-sac, just like the rate at which our universities are churning out graduates.

    If this literacy matters, why do countries with less favourable literacy rates like Botswana, Zambia & RSA appear to be doing wonderfully better economically than us. – my guess is because of our rampant arrogance. We need to start applying commonsense very quickly before the statistics of stupidity overwhelm us!

    1. Politics of stupidity consumed this country a long time ago. Just look at the state of our nation. The elections that came about after the tenure of the GNU government prove that Zim is a nation of literate morons. First there was the nonsense about the Constitution , “that was written by the people”, a by line we repeat over and over till we forget that it is a lie. (#GameOfThrones).
      The thing that ticks me off the most is how many of us “learned individuals” are only too eager to perpetuate the BS. After the demise of the Zim dollar, one would think we learned our lesson , but guess what its all happening again , government is stealing money from its citizens , the same way they did before. How do we respond: By creating ridiculous campaigns that seek to some what glorify our sorry state , ie #MyZimHustle.
      I come by a lot of people who seem all excited at the prospect of another election. Where was their excitement when it mattered the most.
      What people donot get is that we are in a new struggle for freedom. The powers that be will not give up their status so easily, even if they lose the election by a land slide. (Has this not happened before, tell me did they give up power?). There is no doubt in my mind that they will not go quietly , that is if they go at all. The keyword here is Struggle, meaning , it will not come easy or quickly. There for are we prepared as the masses to do what we need to do , to ensure a better future for our children.

  2. This article is 100% correct, i can see the illiteracy displayed daily in almost all articles hosted on this techzim website!! Well done for confirming my suspicions!

  3. you can hate as much as you want i mean honestly zimbos are very literate and competetive too you have no argument economy economy thats all you have to say seriously i’m sure its higher than 90%

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