It is time you got rid of your Windows Phone (Lumia), Microsoft confirms it’s dead

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Windows Phone is dead. This is not a joke on the low market share Windows Phone has in the smartphone industry dominated by Android and iOS. Microsoft, the company behind the smartphone operating software has literally given up the ghost.

In all we are going to discuss the takeaway should be, GET RID OF YOUR WINDOWS MOBILE OS-RUNNING PHONE. Those Lumias, the Microsoft branded phones, get rid of them.

Windows Phones are running mostly on Windows Phone 7, 8.1 and Windows 10 Mobile with the latter being the latest version of the software.


Back in July, this year, Microsoft pulled the plug on Windows Phone 8.1 and confirmed no support of any kind would be given. They ditched Windows Phone 8.1 in favour of Windows 10 Mobile which they hoped would bring the fight to Google and Apple.

Users of Windows Phone 8.1 and earlier versions are living dangerously because Microsoft announced that there will be no updates or support forthcoming. We still have a sizable number of Windows Phone users in Zimbabwe and it is worrying because they are open to a lot of risks. In January this year Windows Phone had about 4.55% market share in this country, more than iOS had at 2.64%.

When Microsoft announced the end of support for Windows Phone 8.1 experts expected support for Windows 10 Mobile to continue for two years at least but they couldn’t have more wrong. Windows 10 Mobile lasted only three months after the death of Windows Phone 8.1.

Microsoft VP Joe Belfiore who is responsible for the mobile OS tweeted this,

Of course we’ll continue to support the platform.. bug fixes, security updates, etc. But building new features/hw aren’t the focus.

Windows 10 Mobile will not be receiving any new features. They will support the platform with security updates and bug fixes but have given up improving or updating the software. They will only support the platform a while longer as a service to their few customers but it won’t be long until even that is ended just like in Windows Phone 8.1’s case.

So as it stands there is no development on any Windows Mobile OS, just bug fixes for the latest OS. This is not that surprising if you consider that there haven’t been any new devices for over two years. Microsoft hasn’t pushed out new hardware in over two years and as the above tweet says, they are not looking to change that.

If you have a phone running Windows Phone 8.1 or earlier versions you need to treat this as urgent and make sure you move over to Android or iOS. This is especially important in this day when we are moving online more and more. Banks are pushing people to internet banking and mobile banking and you do not want to be transacting using a phone that hasn’t received any security updates in ages.

If you have a Windows 10 Mobile phone time is ticking. Security updates will be halted in the not too distant future. Start working on finding a replacement.

RIP to a fallen comrade, Windows Mobile, 2010-2017.

14 thoughts on “It is time you got rid of your Windows Phone (Lumia), Microsoft confirms it’s dead

  1. awwww is that the reason why they havnt upgraded whatsapp to the latest version,i have been checking on store if i cn find a newer version buh nthng at all,am nw worried..W10 user

    1. As long as there is a quite number of W10P users, whatsapp company would continue to give update to it. They will advise as well.

  2. you are misinforming users of Win phones, its just like those using old Android OS or old iOS which are no longer receiving updates but there are so many of them.
    The problem only comes when applications are updated such that they would only run on latest Operating systems (eg whatsapp no longer running on symbian).

    “…….Windows Phone users in Zimbabwe and it is worrying because they are open to a lot of risks.” this is not true,

  3. They are open to a lot of risks. Just because there are some other people at risk doesn’t mean their risk goes away. Its not just the Windows phones though. Any phone that is not getting updated puts the user at risk. Hackers are constantly probing and finding exploits. So with Windows phone 8.1 or 7 it is not wise to keep using them. So I agree that they are open to a lot of risks. But so too are a lot of Android users not getting security updates. The reason one should ditch Windows is that even if you do want the security updates you won’t be able to get them. With Android you can stay with the OS and just upgrade your phone. You can’t do that on Windows.

    1. not all android phone are up gradable, only a few high ends. we have a lot of androids phones which won’t go on company mails becoz they are said not to be secure enough, and majority of users have these phones.

    2. Seriously dude. Why do youc are if I use a Windows phone? I truly don’t understand why you would waste time writing on something that is irrelevant. I see sooooooo many articles on the death of windows phone. It’s crazy that so much time and resources are wasted on something that has been at the bottom for the last 2 years. It’s pathetic. If you are happy with your Android phone or I-phone, use it and be happy. Let me be me and use my Lumia 950. As long as it works, I am staying with my Windows phone. Period!

    3. Only for 8,1 and earlier bro, do your research before writing an opinion piece on a platform where people can fact check you. I hope you aren’t Techzim’s WP expert, that would be sad bro. Just browse Windowcentral, MSPoweruser and other blogs for research material before writing and actually look for a properly app stocked Lumia and test drive one before your next WP article.

  4. The age of the fruity droid duopoly officially begins. With one less competitor breathing down their necks will apple and alphabet be as driven by user experience?
    But eish, i was looking forward to a true successor of the Lumia 930! Interesting times ahead.

    1. Don’t worry man the Surface Phone is coming, Panos Panay the head of Surface also tweeted things, Sengere obviously did not see those tweets, it’s coming!

      And the 950 XL did succeed the 930 and gloriously so. Just the lack of apps, I have to have an old fruit themed mobile just for a banking app and a few others, MS really failed in that regard.

  5. Why do these people care so much to write about the death of windows phone? They must work for or get paid by Apple or Google. Sorry, but I hate both phones and won’t use either unless I absolutely have too. I mean, since Windows phone is dead, stop writing about it.

  6. This is just the worst form of tech journalism. I am an avid WP user and if you were tuned in to any Windows Mobile communities you would know that Windows Mobile isn’t exactly dead. MS has the bulk of WP users on Enterprise and they will continue to push updates for the forseeable future. I use a Lumia 950XL with the latest Creators update of W10M and aside from the app gap with banking and online shopping apps I literally have all the other apps I need for everything else.

    WP 8.1 is now being slowly retired just like Android 3 and lower and the same as iOS 7 and lower. In your ignorance you failed to note there is a Windows Phone roadmap for the next 2-3 years and until such a time MS replace Lumia hardware with a Surface hybrid device a la ZTE Axon M and Samsung Galaxy X. I have a Lumia 950 with continuum and MS is still championing this for the time being, yes thw MS market share is very tiny globally but there is a dedicated community and Jo Belfiore did say they are aware of how loyal a fanbase they have and will continue to support them but prioritise software on mobile in other platforms hence you see an MS version of the S8, S8+ and Note 8 being launched and Bill Gates has reportedly switched to an MS flavoured version of one of these. So it is sad you forgot to mention how an MS fanboy on Android or iOS will feel right at home with a vast suite of MS apps and customisation options on Android, irresponsible journalism really. Read up on your stuff man.

    And your grammar is terrible, punctuation issues too here and there. You can do better bro!

  7. Well, it is time Microsoft releases the Lumia software as open source so as to give coders a chance to play with it. Android made its sofware open source and see how far ahead they are !

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