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Tired of waiting for Econet customer care to answer? Call Back Assist could be the answer…

Econet Call Centre

Today, Econet announced a new service called Call Back Assist. It aims to help reduce some of the frustrations that you may have faced when you called Econet customer care and didn’t get a solution immediately. Usually, when you call customer care, you will have to wait for some time and some people have even reported waiting for over 35 minutes and sometimes, patience runs out so you just hang up.

With Call Back Assist, Econet is looking to partially solve that problem. I say partially because you will still have to wait but this time, it might be on your terms. So imagine you call customer care for you to get some help with a problem that you’re facing on their network and a machine tells you the estimated time that you’re likely to have to wait for an agent to assist you based on how busy the agents are at that time.

You’re then given the option to either keep waiting for the agent on the call or you can hang up and choose to let the agent call you back. It is probably more convenient for you to just hang up and then the agent will call you. Even better is that you can choose what time the agent should call you back at in case you aren’t always free.

Only time will tell if Call Back Assist will actually help reduce some of the frustrations that you’ve faced when you called Econet’s 111 customer care number. Maybe if more people start to opt for the agent to call them back, you might actually be able to get through to 111 as some people have reported that they’ve failed to get through to the customer care number probably due to the high traffic that the call centre would be trying to handle.

Given how Econet launched a new program called Elevate Virtual Agent programme early in September where member of their Elevate Club could buy around $50 of airtime and potentially get a job as a virtual call centre agent or a sales person for them. The job could earn get you to earn up to $600 per month, so it seems like Call Back Assist is way for them to start getting those people some work under the program.

Let us know what you think about Call Back Assist, do you think it will help? What has been your experience with Econet’s customer care?

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