So you want USD at 1:1 to the bond note, RBZ says go to these places

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Bond note and USD

If you remember, last week the government made it illegal to trade in foreign currency without a licence. Statutory Instrument 112A of 2017, Exchange Control (Amendment) Regulations 2017 (No 5) has led to many people being arrested for dealing in foreign currency without a licence or dealing through unauthorised persons.

The RBZ maintains that this is to ensure the orderly dealing in foreign currency.

The RBZ understands that you may still want to get USD (for whatever you use USDs for, no judgement) and since you cannot get that from your dealer at Eastgate any more they have produced a list of the licensed dealers so you don’t hang out to dry. There are some proper lads there at the RBZ, thinking about us.

The RBZ maintains that the bond note is pegged equally against the USD and says the following is the permissible currency exchange:

  • 1 Bond Note: 1 United States Dollar (USD)
  • The exchange between the USD or Bond Note with other currencies shall be at a fee spread of not more than 10% of the nominal value of either currency.

The RBZ advises that you still can apply for a licence to trade in currencies. Opportunities still exist for interested parties to apply for bureau de change licences. You can do that by applying to the Exchange Control Division for licensing. Download the application forms on the RBZ website here.

Below is the list of licensed Money Transfer Agencies (MTAs) and Bureaux de Change:

MTA – Tier 1MTA – Tier 2Bureaux de Change
BancABCGetbucks Financial Services (Pvt) LtdArtmount Trading (Pvt) Ltd T/A Zimexpress
People’s Own Savings Bank (POSB)Bonga Travel & Financial Services (Pvt) LtdAccess Finance (Pvt) Ltd
Econet Wireless (Pvt) LtdMetbank LtdSuperDeal Enterprises (Pvt) Ltd T/A Lamcent (Pvt) Ltd
Express Financial Services LtdTelecel (Pvt) LtdNissi Global (Pvt) Ltd
Ecobank Zimbabwe LtdSolten Financial Services (Pvt) LtdKwikforex
Central African Building Society (CABS)Fredex Financial Services (Pvt) LtdElizabeth Florist
Easylink Money Transfer LtdCBZ Bank LtdJuilisim (Pvt) Ltd
Send Money Home (Pvt) LtdSimukai Financial Services LtdAfro Price (Pvt) Ltd
Steward Bank (Pvt) LtdChampion Forex Services T/A Hand2HandSuccess Microfinance Bank Ltd
FMC FinanceNMB Bank LtdMahenye Investments T/A Acacia Bureau de Change
Zimbabwe Post (Pvt) LtdOK Zimbabwe Ltd T/A OK Money WaveMinipec Bureau de Change (Pvt) Ltd
Agricultural Bank of Zimbabwe T/A AgribankKaah Express Financial Services (Pvt) Ltd
Sahara Forex BureauFBC Bank limited
ZIMSEND (Pvt) LtdStanbic Bank Zimbabwe Limited
Meikles Financial Services
Quest Financial Services
ZB Bank Ltd
Direct Connect Financial Services
Zympay Zimbabwe Ltd
Kumusha Fintech (Pvt) Ltd

If you intend on walking into these places with your bond notes looking for that sweet 1:1 with the USD remember that they will trade with you availability of the USD permitting. The RBZ maintaining that exchange between the USD and bond note is 1:1 won’t help as you will probably be told, ‘yes the exchange rate is 1:1 but unfortunately we do not have US dollars at the moment but if you have USD with you we would be glad to exchange at 1:1 with our bond notes.

The RBZ may choose to be stubborn and insist that the bond note and the USD are pegged equally but all this does is make it difficult for us, ordinary citizens, to get that USD, which is probably their goal. Market forces do not lie, okay, they can be manipulated but the fact remains the bond is not equal to the USD in the market (streets). This insistence on 1:1 suppresses trade when coupled with criminalising foreign currency trading without a licence.

This whole analysis could be wrong and the above listed licensed companies could be dishing out USDs so you can at least try them all.


  1. tinm@n

    Very helpful info in the table there…

    Would you kindly explain the MTA-Tiers?

    And the difference between them and the Bureaux de Changes?

    1. Tsitsi

      Tier 1 mta’s do inward and outward remittances.tier 2 mta’s do inward remittances if you want to send money outside Zim you go to tier 1 MTA’s

      1. tinm@n

        Thanks, Tsitsi

  2. Anonymous

    wow thats a good one 1:1 its a good dream

  3. Imi Vanhu Musadaro

    1:1 but at a fee. Lol!!

  4. JJ

    How can exchanging my currency into another be illegal in a multicurrency system? Is the USD foreign currency when we do not have our own?

  5. Lenox

    As far as bullshitting us RBZ takes the World Cup. And the worrying thing is that they do it with a straight face.

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