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WhatsApp Business goes into testing: landline number registration and more

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Techzim wrote about WhatsApp Business when it was still just rumoured to be coming. Now we have more information on it as it is now in testing after it was officially announced last month.

You will not be able to test out the new app today unless you signed up as a tester when they announced the app last month. You can however register today here to stand a chance to be selected as a tester in the future, no guarantees though.

They are testing out a number of features and need feedback from the testers on creating a Business Profile, Chat Migration, Auto Responses and Analytics.

A Business Profile is set up by adding a picture, address, description, phone number, website and more.

Chat Migration just means migrating your chat history and messages from a previous account. For when you were using a certain number for business.

Auto Responses are custom messages that will be sent if someone tries to contact your business when you can’t respond to them, for example after business hours.

Analytics gives data about your interaction with customers, messages sent or delivered, that sort of thing.

How to manage Personal and Business accounts

The WhatsApp Business app will be a standalone app which means it can coexist with the other WhatsApp we are used to. The beauty is that you can set up the Business account with a landline number. This way you won’t have to give up your personal number to customers but the landline will do where they can text you. Here is how you will manage your accounts:

One Phone, One App: Simple enough. You just migrate you current business number to WhatsApp Business. Best for when you do not intend to use WhatsApp and the associated number for personal conversations.

One Phone, Two Apps: Download both WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business and register a different number for WhatsApp Business (this number can be a landline.) You can have your personal conversations on WhatsApp and Business. Like mentioned above, the two apps can coexist.

Two Phones, Two Apps: Simple. Business on one and personal on the other.

We do not have long to wait until WhatsApp Business is released to everyone. If you absolutely cannot wait though, you can take the survey linked to above (or here) and you will then download the Business app here when or if you get into the testers list.

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3 thoughts on “WhatsApp Business goes into testing: landline number registration and more

  1. This is going to be a game changer especially if they are going to provide APIs for easy integration with enterprise backend systems



    WhatsApp to roll out ‘WhatsApp Business’ as standalone app

    The logo of the app has been changed from the calling symbol to “B” inside the green conversation bubble.

    IANSSaturday, October 07, 2017 – 19:27

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    The much talked-about WhatsApp for business application is being tested by a private group of testers and the company will introduce it as “WhatsApp Business” — a standalone app.

    Its description available on Play Store read: “As a test partner for ‘WhatsApp Business’, you have early access to a wide range of new features that we’ve built with you in mind. As you experiment with what this new app has to offer, please share your experiences with us so that we can improve the product.”

    Facebook intends to earn some of the money it spent while acquiring WhatsApp and the new standalone app would charge businesses in future, The Wall Street Journal said late on Friday.

    “We do intend on charging businesses in the future. We don’t have the details of monetisation figured out,” WhatsApp’s Chief Operating Officer Matt Idema was quoted as saying.

    “WhatsApp Business” is different from the regular WhatsApp. 

    The logo of the app has been changed from the calling symbol to “B” inside the green conversation bubble.

    However, after downloading, the app looks the same as WhatsApp, barring the title bar that says “WhatsApp Business”.

    The app has interesting features such as auto responses, creating a business profile, chat migration and analytics.

    According to reports, businesses are widely using WhatsApp to communicate with their customers, particularly in Asia.

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