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You can now watch Kwese TV on 5 different devices using your current subscription

You know DStv Now right? The extension of DStv that allows you to watch the shows you subscribed for on the go? Yea, Kwese TV just enabled that feature – Kwese TVEverywhere

So how does Kwese TVE work?

Basically, what this means is you can now access your Kwese TV on your gadget, be it a smartphone, tablet or phablet. Not only can you access it on one extra gadget but on four; and in total that makes 5, including the principal account. Since it’s a streaming feature, you also need some internet connection.

Who can access Kwese TVE?

So once you’re subscribed to Kwese TV, then you’re eligible to use the service. Unlike DStv Now which is only available on the DStv compact bouquet and on the higher priced bouquet, Kwese TV is making the service available on all bouquets.

How do you access Kwese TVE?

All you need to do is download the Kwese TV app to your gadget and register for the service. You can find the instructions on how to do that below.

  1. Open Google Play Store/ iTunes
  2. Search for Kwese TV App, select it and install
  3. Open the installed App
  4. Find the menu by swiping from the left to the right
  5. Select Register
  6. Select your country
  7. Enter your account number (you receive(d) it when you purchase(d) your decoder
  8. Enter your mobile number
  9. When prompted to enter an OTP, enter the OTP you will receive via SMS
  10. Enter your personal information and login

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11 thoughts on “You can now watch Kwese TV on 5 different devices using your current subscription

  1. I notice there are WiFi hotspots appearing as Kwese all over town. Could they be gunning for delivery via WiFi hotspots?

  2. Thank so much by coming aboard and avoided day robbery by the only player we had please keep up the fire burning come 2018 rural areas should be abuzzz with KWESE..

  3. I have downloaded the app now I have been asked to enter pin yet I don’t have…. They say I’m not on line.

  4. I didn’t receive the account number n I don’t know where to get it coz my free month is ending soon…is there a way i can get it

  5. I have downloaded the Kwese TV app and installed; registered, but when I try to login it says incorrect credential.. I’m not too sure where I am going wrong.

  6. I can’t activate my subscription. Anyone to help pliz. The Option *119# is not working for me as it is say it has failed.

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