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ZB bank and CABS customers, here’s what you need to know before end of day (13/10/17)

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There has been two announcements from CABS and ZB bank. Both are warning their customers (or whoever might need to use these banks) that their systems will be under upgrade, hence service disruption.

Here’s more detail for each.


From 2000hrs today i.e. Friday the 13th (you know what they say about this day) to Tuesday midnight which is the 17th October, CABS will be upgrading its system hence some services will be affected.

Here’s the list of services that will be affected:

  • RTGS transfers
  • Cash withdrawals
  • Opening CABS accounts at branches
  • Internet banking
  • Salaries/Debit Order
  • Cash Passport Mastercard

Here’s the list of services that will NOT be affected:

  • ATM transactions for cardholders (not sure how useful those are these days but well).
  • Cash deposits at CABS branches
  • Telegraphic transfers
  • Point Of Sale (POS) transactions at merchants and CABS Agents
  • Mobile banking (including ZIPIT and EcoCash) for all registered mobile banking customers

For any assistance please call the CABS customer call centre on 04-883823-59


ZB bank

At the beginning of the month, ZB bank discontinued manual RTGS transfers and went exclusive on internet banking and USSD. People responded differently with some (if not most) calling it a bad decision or as ‘too soon’. Most people feared the inconvenience that not would come if (or when) the banking system goes down and indeed the day(s) has come.

From the 14th to the 15th of October (Saturday and Sunday), the ZB Internet Banking platform will not be accessible. ZB will be carrying out their routine systems maintenance. Therefore, only the USSD (dial *400*600#) platform will be available.

If you encounter any challenges, be sure to contact ZB at any time on 0772 560 117 (available 24hrs a day).

Therefore, there’s need to take this into account as you plan for the week otherwise frustration is inevitable.

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