EMAP Online Applications For Form One Places At Boarding Schools in Zimbabwe Now Available

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Despite all the challenges that the Electronic Ministry Application Platform (eMAP) has faced, it’s finally is up and ready to be used by prospective form 1 candidates.

eMAP is a platform which was first introduced in December 2016 by the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education in a bid to simplify and/or make convenient the process of applying and securing a form one place in Zimbabwe. This was to be achieved by automating the application process and making it available online and hence minimizing geographical limitations as well as a means to save money which would have otherwise been used for mobility.

Added to that, the eMAP idea was meant to reduce corruption by minimizing the direct interaction between parents/guardians and school heads (or whoever else in charge of the enrollment). However, despite all these perks, the idea was not well received the first time, mostly because of the poor execution.


Nonetheless, even after being accused of stealing the idea at some point, the ministry has still managed to open the online platform for applications for 2018 places.

With effect from today, the eMAP platform is now available for those who intend to apply for a place at a boarding school for 2018. To apply, click here and be redirected to the site. However, you will get to know if you were accepted or not via SMS only after the Grade 7 results are released since they will also be used in the selection process.

It would also be wise to apply ASAP since the boarding school places are quite limited. Of the potential demand for boarding schools of 367 629, only 24 246 are available. Hopefully this time the system has been made robust enough to cater for such demand even worse considering that there’s a time limit attached to the service, otherwise it is bound to crash like last year.

You Can Get In touch with the Ministry of Education on this number

0242 794508

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74 thoughts on “EMAP Online Applications For Form One Places At Boarding Schools in Zimbabwe Now Available

    1. This emap platform is not stable. I cant login since early morning..!! The ministry should try and do something to improve the service before it becomes a dis-service..!!

      Its also prudent to give applicants first choice, second choice, etc..!! And allow the best pupils to be selected by the best school other than letting all five schools have equal chances of selecting the student. We all know that high scoring students apply to the best varsities and have choices on programs they wish to pursue. Imagine if all universities where given equal opportunities to grab under-grads on a platform like this one.. A 15 pointer would quickly be grabbed by Lupane university before UZ..!! So choices should be allowed.

      1. We are facing the same problem in opening the website. If there is a recommended browser or some other means of accessing the website, let people know. This processing is becoming a bore.

      2. I successfully applied this year with google chrome. Other applications like opera are useless n u cannot log in or go thru.

  1. I managed to register and submit my application , the whole was process was smooth and fast, I hope it remains that way when it comes to notifications !!

        1. I have tried several times but the system keeps on saying your details doesn’t match ensure you entered correct information despite having entered correct information. I’m now confused.

          1. Make sure you are entering the correct centre number & candidate number , I would suggest maybe you verify with the details with your child’s school.

  2. This website is not working it keeps on sending me an error message. It is saying the information you have entered is not matching since yesterday. Or maybe it doesn’t register those candidates who wrote their examinations in the rural areas.

  3. yep.same for me.its not keeps saying wrong information.i have confirmed all details but it still wont work.

  4. seems the system works on selected machines, its failing to connect on my laptop but works smoothly on my phone. for those filing to gain access please try using a different gadget

    1. i have managed to open using a different gadget and network. my problem is i had sent someone to apply at the ministry and he chose the schools that i do not prefer, the last two options i don`t like them. is it possible to have that edited and replace with my choice?

      1. yes its possible to replace schools, just get in touch with their technical guys. The contacts are on the Sundaymail. They are very efficient in responding to requests

  5. When signing up details are not matching but they are the correct ones. I have been trying to sign up about 3 days.

    1. this website isn’t working

      can the minister switch us to the old method guys details not matching wah tha hell

  6. i had a change of heart on a school i had applied and phoned one of the contact numbers given in the Sunday mail and my query was instantly attended to ……thanks….The system is great!!

  7. I am failing to register despite following what people have suggested. Always saying “information not matching”

  8. It was so fascinating using the web , l did not encounter any problems . although the system is hastle free coz you do it in the comfort of your own home it is limited to those who are in urban areas and does not cater for rural pupils.

  9. I applied three weeks ago. Up to now the status is still pending. Will my application ever go through or what else should I do..

  10. Hey still waiting for pending reply emails. How long will we have to wait to know if our kids have successfully accepted for form one enrollment. Can we have feedback on the process pliz

  11. So I called the Ministry and was told the following:
    1. The Headmasters only got access to the system this morning, so the selection process is starting today and depends on when the individual Headmasters decide to start their process.
    2. The only way we could make changes was through calling the ministry before today. As of this morning, no change can be processed because the Database does not allow changes once the headmasters have been given access. Parents will get an sms when accepted or they can keep checking in the system. Parents have an option to decline acceptance offers which will revert your other applications to pending, until accepted again. BUT you can not add another school so ultimately you will have to settle for one of your five schools.
    3. At 9AM today, the database showed that 1500 students had been accepted at various schools.
    4. It’s a waiting game………….

    1. My child has been rejected from 3 schools so far. She has 7 points. We’re Left with 2 options only and I am now worried. I hear some schools are taking those who had applied to them directly before end of second term. Am only relying on emap since I did not apply anywhere.

    2. What happens if all your options are exhausted. Will they redirect you to other schools??? You seem to have more information, please assist

      1. Sandra unfortunately your best bet now is to call the schools or visit them personally and nag them until they give in. I’m also aware that some schools used mid year results but I don’t know if there is anything we can do about those schools. Try calling the ministry to ask them to change some of your options or give you a list of schools that are still processing applications.

  12. The school head are not serious .because they said mwana wako ane 25 vacant. So vana vogara here n this is child abuse. Because at last mwana achashayahanya ne chikoro.please help vana kutadza grade seven is nothing.

  13. To hell with this system. One of the school’s that I applied to yakatotora vans vane 5and6points only vasina kuapplyer online.we thought corruption had come to an end but iri kutowedzera.Ministry should investigate this otherwise hazvibetseri izvi.

  14. It’s unfair school heads should just work with pupils who applied on line and also accommodate those who did not perform as well

  15. After 2 days,my application is still pending and have called the schools and they confirmed that all places have been taken.Now l would like to change my options.How do l do that anyone help?.

    1. @Taurai, to change your options you have to call the Ministry and ask them to do that for you.
      Contact Telephone +263-4-705153, 705281
      Address: Ambassador House, 88 Union Avenue, Cnr Second Street, Harare.

  16. Pliz help me,,, how can l reconsider an offer declined,,, or else how can l reapply ,,, l am trying to phone the technical team but they are not responding,,,

  17. If the Permanent Secretary in education was sincere on her instruction that form 1 boarding enrollment should be done through the E-MAP system. Then they will have to tell us what criteria was used to select the children for form 1 places because we have heard of children with 20 units getting places ahead of those with 6 units .

  18. A certain school accepted my request and i declined the offer by mistake but i still want my brother to go to that boarding school. I tried to get in touch with that school by phone but their phone offices are down. I have also tried to re-send the request but it is notifying me that you have already send the application but it’s still showing me that you have declined the offer. Can you please offer us an option of re-sending the request if you decline mistakenly and also adding the contact details of each school so that i don’t have to relax waiting for the school to notify me.

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