Kwese now showing ZBC TV

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Kwesé TV remote

Kwese announced today that ZBC is now available on the Pay TV service.

ZBC TV, the state broadcasting service in Zimbabwe, can be watched on Kwese channel 230.

Kwese had long said that this would happen but until now, subscribers were still waiting, starved of local news content. DStv, the established pay TV service whose market share Kwese is working to eat into, already has ZBC and was, in fact, the only way to get local news content with a decent picture.

With the political goings on in the country right now, many Zimbabweans are desperate to follow the news from the state broadcaster. Announcements by the government of the latest developments in the country can only come from the state media.

For its part, to feed the need for wider reach, ZBC has been broadcasting live Facebook since August and one such broadcast reached had 35,000 people watching live at the same time.

The inclusion of ZBC TV on Kwese will only make the new entrant in Pay TV more attractive.


  1. Major General S.B Moyo

    Since ZTv is now on kwese the Broadcasting Authority and its court case will now be dropped.

  2. Charles Mhazo

    Let’s have more sporting channels onnKwese especially the EPL

  3. Trymore mudoro

    many male viewers follows English Primer league so without that league we are likely going to revert to DSTV ( Multichoice). I am appealing to the service providers the bring epl

  4. Enock

    Hi i have connect a hard drive on my kwese but it still not recording what could be the problem.

  5. Bule

    Zbc must be on free channels on kwese

  6. Bule

    Zbc must be on free channels on kwese

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