One Customer’s Experience Of Kwese After 3 Weeks…


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Kwese TV is the new kid on the block and a number of people are contemplating whether they should jump ship or not.


Kwese has come up with a number of interesting spins on their service to separate themselves from their competitor, DStv. They (Kwese) are offering things like one bouquet, 5 devices on one package, users able to pay using any local payment methods.

For those that are still stuck in the “valley of indecision” here’s some feedback from a recent Kwese TV customer, who shares what they have gone through in the last three weeks while using the service.



I have been with Kwese for about three weeks now. Honestly as it stands, DSTV Compact package is way above Kwese. Kwese needs to improve on these aspects:

1. Movies:

Zimbabweans, and I believe, Africans have been fed on a Euro (Anglo)-American entertainment diet for time since TV reached the African continent. Yes, we need to appreciate other cultures but it seems to me that Asian (read Chinese/ Indian/Korean/Japanese) movies do not just have the same appeal as British or American movies to us. Kwese has far much more Asian than Western movies in their movie channels. To add on, the information about the movie when you press the i button on the remote control often leaves out important detail about the movie, e.g. year of production.

African Movies shown on Kwese channels are almost all Nigerian movies leaving one wondering whether African means Nigerian. I know for sure that South Africa has a significant film industry and produces way better quality films in terms of picture and sound quality as well as accent of the actors. For many of the so called African movies on Kwese the picture and sound quality leaves a lot to desire. It would even help to have English subtitles for many of us to really get the gist of what the Nigerian actors will be saying.


2. Documentaries:

Thumbs up to Kwese for Discovery Science, IDx, Odisseia etc, but I would like Kwese to include Discovery Channel, Discovery History Channel, BBC Earth Channel and National Geographic as well as National Geographic Wild Channels.


3. Kids Programmes and International News

For Kids Programmes and International News Kwese does a good job. However, Kwese needs to include a local/Zimbabwean News Channel, NOT ZBCTV.


4. Sports:

This is where I think Kwese currently is no match for DStv. Only one English Premiership live match per weekend is just not good enough. Kwese do have club TV channels for Liverpool, Arsenal, Totenham and Man City at least but none of these club channels seem to allow Kwese to broadcast their matches live. Liverpool TV will only show you live video of supporters on the terraces and the live match is broadcast only as audio. I can’t be sitting on a couch for two hours listening to the radio on TV.

Australian Soccer League, Brazilian Serie A or even the Argentine Super Liga should actually be selling points for Kwese but not the main soccer leagues for an African Audience. We need Spanish La Liga, The Premier League, Italian Serie A not Serie B, League 1 and Bundesliga not B leagues of these European countries.

European Champions League and Europa League are a must for any TV network broadcasting in Africa. Kwese has nothing of it. The Morrocan, Nigerian, South African Premier Leagues would also add value to Kwese Sports. A twenty four hour exclusive sports News  channel would also give busy viewers a quick update of each days major events.


Oh and thank you Tendai Samukange for the comment 😉

So, have you signed up for Kwese? If so what has been your experience?? If not, you still can join in the conversation by telling us what your ‘Kwese expectations’ are.

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49 thoughts on “One Customer’s Experience Of Kwese After 3 Weeks…

  1. I don’t know how many people would like to pay for a company’s R&D. Kwese provides an alternative to Multichoice but have a lot of work ahead for them to try and satisfy the paying public. The void that is not going to be filled is the absence of independent radio & TV stations to give us fairly objective local news. The dictators we have, who some people believe are leaders or visionaries, are a very cruel and myopic lot. We’re still a very long way from freedom because what they provide is not adequate to fill that void. It’s the sad but cruel truth. I don’t know how many countries are actually oppressed by their so-called “liberators” like Zimbabwe.

  2. my great concern is we need ztv on kwese so that we maintain our national identity, a lot has been said by collegues on EPL , UEFA and Bundesliga we desperately need these channels

  3. i stopped readintb the article the moment i read this line.
    1. Movies:

    Zimbabweans, and I believe, Africans have be…….

    how a persongeneralise his or her opinion. nxaa

  4. On another note :
    The ads on techzim are just too much. Could you reduce the number of ads, personally your website looks less credible with all these ads.

  5. I personally will rate the article 6/10.
    Firstly there is a way to see the date of release, genre, Director and the Stars on a movie. You press the EPG button and then the ‘i’ button on the program you like. We can not use lack of knowledge to prejudice a product.

    Kwese was never supposed to be Dstv. Never. It is Kwese. The sound and picture are very good especially on HDMI. Not forgetting that the decoder can be used to view content from USB, music or Movies.

    Nice one the content
    Fact is it does not have alot of epl. The reasons are well documented. Just as the reasons dstv has no NBA.

    I think as Zimbabweans we have always limited ourselves to what we know. We use that as a yard stick. There are many sports that we could have liked but we were limited to a few. I recently watched the Joshua boxing match on kwese. This was not available for compact viewers on Dstv. Even the Copa del Rey and the Carabao.

    The author failed to even realize the choices for entrepreneurs on kwese. I m talking about serious business content on the kwese Inc channel.

    The issue of a Zim news station/ channel is not a kwese issue. It’s a govt issue. When they are ready for alternative facts, we will get an alternative to ZBC.

    I m a huge NBA Fan. Was feeling left out on Dstv. Yet the idea is for a provider to provide as much content as possible to cover all tastes and pleasures. A product that is “a work in progress”, should not yet be compared to a “finished” product.

    In time it will be easy to compare.

    Notice how dstv is making adjustments already. You can’t say that kwese is a bad product when competition is shaking. Adjusting prices and content.

  6. If you are into American sports kwese is great. Exclusive NBA and NFL . Plus boxing and supporting local rugby. Then we also have the business shows that I think are great

  7. I’m not happy I feel that my installer from kamfinsa was not honest when he done my installation it was set up on Friday 24hrs later still not activated the guys from kamfinsa need to be trained in customer care very very Bad service from you guys

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