Online Form One Application EMAP site is down, or at least is seems like it…

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Since yesterday, we’ve been seeing a lot of complains on how the Electronic Ministry Application Platform (eMAP) site is down or malfunctional rather. While some are attesting to having used the platform successfully, the majority’s efforts seem to be futile.

What’s interesting is that people seem to be hitting dead end at different stages. While some are failing to even reach the site, some are only failing to log in after a successful sign in. The problem could be with the system’s failure to store user information, or it’s a server overload problem since only 6.59% of the potential demand for boarding school is available. 

I tried checking the site out but I can only do so much since I neither have a center nor a candidate number. Also, I tried calling the Ministry of Education but to no avail since no-one is picking my call. Will keep calling so I can get a comment from them and know the way forward.


However, this isn’t new considering that last year’s online enrollment was a flop. But well, you’d think that this year would be different since we are meant to learn from our mistakes. It’s even more disappointing considering that it’s a a project by a full Ministry of Education. Could they not sub-contract better devs? Or use more capable servers? Or at least have fixed the problem by now?

But then again, we’re not too surprised with the government under-performing now are we? We’ve even become complacent in one way or the other.

Anyway, are you one of those who managed to successfully apply using the platform? If so, please send through a few tips on how you did it lest we blame the government when it’s just an us-problem.

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91 thoughts on “Online Form One Application EMAP site is down, or at least is seems like it…

    1. I think this year its much faster than last i managed without difficult as compared to last year when i went through around 0000hrs

    1. How did you do it because when I am using most of the browsers after the successfull login they are telling me that the account does not exist, please contact the system administator what will be the problem.

  1. In all honesty, I did manage to register successfully with the site in under 5 minutes. The system itself seems to have no issues as it automatically picks the other details of the child after you have entered the center number and student number but is not that user friendly. It requires you to know the province and district within which the school you intend to apply to exists. But once you tick through those fields it displays the entire list for you and you can tick whichever ones are of interest to you. However, the tick boxes for selecting the schools are very very small, to the extent that one may think there is no option for them to tick. The small tick box appears like a dot on the far right of the table, clicking directly on the small dot solves the problem. after that one can accept the ticked schools and move on to search other schools in other districts if they are in different districts and repeat the same procedure. After competing that process, one can view the schools they have applied to and the status of the application. Overall I would say, its a great innovation and people must just approach it as that and follow the necessary procedures in applying.

    1. Excellent this enronment platform is so so good,easy and fast,am happy cause no cost were spend for me,bt after being accepted whats next

    1. Why is that only Zimbabwean cell numbers work… it’s a nightmare for those who are not staying in Zim…If you enter a South African cell number for example, the system does not accept… I ended up using a relatives umber in Zim and it worked

  2. Its also good to try using a different browser especially for those who are facing challenges. When using a cellphone,Opera mini browser has got some issues with the platform but the moment you try a different browser such as google chrome or firefox, everything goes smoothly. Thanks MoPSE FOR A GOOD INNOVATION.

    1. i have been trying since yesterday upto now using different browsers cant go through.Getting message this site cant be reached.

  3. Cant log in after succesfully applying yesterday though thenumber of schools applied for varied for my two children. Managed three schools for one and four for the other one. Then system told me i had applied to enough schools for both yet the Sunday Mail 12/11/17 states we can apply to not more than 5 Schools


  5. i have been trying since yesterday am failing to change the date format and today i am failing to access the site . anyone to help on the date format …..i tried changing my pc date format but its not working

  6. Am also trying to edit my application to no avail how do i do it.please help.have been googling to find solution but i couldnt get any. I mistakenly put the school which i didnt evin want ontop.

  7. been trying since yesterday till now and have used different browsers but getting same message .this site cant be reached. have phone and been told use different browsers and so far 9000 have applied.

  8. Please help me with the emaping system. I have made a wrong entry by ticking Riverside school. My first three choices are Hartzel, St Augustine and Tsonzo. Apparently the emaping does not allow for rectification of entries made.

  9. ummmm this system is not user friendly if its for all it should be one click. if someone in Harare is having challanges what more someone down in Chiromo. something needs to be done otherwise those in remote areas will not be enrolled

  10. It’s working well. You need to have reliable network. I registered one yesterday in five minutes and have just registered another it took a bit longer though owing to interrupted network.

  11. The best way I have discovered is buying bundles using a cellphone that goes on internet I was struggling using WiFi but the moment I used my phone thru data bundles it was easy so I am advise you to try that way it is easy to used google chrome browser

  12. It worked perfectly fine for me and the only thing is that some people have a computer phobia and they end up blaming everything and everybody due to their incompetence. I managed to register for my kids in less than 10min even though I’m outside the country

  13. I managed to sign in and log in after a struggle. The problem now is that when I try to apply a message comes saying I have reached the maximum number of schools to apply. Funny enough when I click check application status, I am told I have not applied to any school.
    Very embarrassing considering the pressure the ministry is putting on us to us this system.

  14. I faced problems when I was applying on a cellphone because the page would be too small to manage.Once reached the stage of choosing the province. With a big screen I did it simple and I check my application is reporting pending. Good idea from the ministry

  15. I applied on Monday but up to now its still pending on the schools I have selected. I thought it was not going to take such long since this is an online application.

  16. I think it remain pending since enrollment is going to happen after the results are out. Even me its still pending but i successfully

  17. I have been trying to log in since Monday to no avail. I’ve used chrome, mozilla, internet explorer – paphone nepacomputer zvese. Iri kungoti your details could not match. I’ve verified the details with the school they are correct. The system is really frustrating to say the very least.

  18. The system continously say your details could not match please ensure the information you entered is correct… What could I be doing wrong if both center and candidate numbers are correct?

  19. I ‘m still trying to apply on online but without success.logging in my password its saying details does not it the password or we have to open new account.what can I do pliz help urgently.tried to sign up but to no avail.

  20. I ‘m still trying to apply on online but without success.logging in my password its saying details does not it the password or we have to open new account.what can I do pliz help urgently.tried to sign up but to no avail.

  21. Applied successfully with no hassles,when wil they give us the results of our application?the sooner the better.

  22. Applied succesfully although initially it was a bit of a challenge. Just now waiting for the response. How long does it normally take to get a response?

  23. how do i submit the scanned results to respective schools i have applied to ?leonid,because the status of all my applications is still pending

  24. Hi just be patient and keep checking. i was also concerned about the same but today i was accepted on one school and others status changed from pending to processed.

  25. My child was expected by St Pauls Musami but I am no longer interested I want to declaim system is risisting

  26. My child has been accepted to a school she doesn’t like so I declined but my worry is, is she going to be accepted by other schools I applied for

  27. Can someone help, my child application is still showing pending for all the schools he applied for. How long will we wait for the outcome and if the child is not accepted by any one of the schools , how is the application status going to be. I hope its not going to be pending forever.

    1. I have just called the schools that are still pending on my child’s profile and they have told me they are already full for their boarding places. 3 of my applications were rejected, so in other words I am in a stuck up situation. I think as parents, we ought to engage the Ministry of Education on this system. Anyone interested, contact me on 0777802867. One of the schools told me that the Ministry is responsible for updating the statuses for the applications.

      1. Same situation dear they offered my child on the school wch I accidentally applied for and I declined now the other schools have not responded am stressed .

      2. Am also in the same situation as you,there is alot of corruption taking place ,schools are not recruiting using this system,the school that I wanted my son to go to yakatozara kare they only took vana vanga vane 5and 6 units chete zviri frustrated wth this system

  28. Can someone help, my child application is still showing pending for all the schools he applied for. How long will we wait for the outcome and if the child is not accepted by any one of the schools , how is the application status going to be. I hope its not going to be pending forever.

  29. Is it possible to reverse an offer decline response in the case that one has decided to reconsider an offer accepted response.

  30. if the system does not allow us to edit the selection after a wrong entry then i think its a flop. mistakes do happen. now if one school rejects me why should I not be given a chance to add onother one

  31. My child was accepted at a school i accidentally put and it was not giving me an option to delete. Now its giving me an option to reject the offer. Should I reject what are the chances of the other 4 accepting her, is the system automatic or i can wait one more day and see if other schools will accept her.

  32. I’ve accidentally applied to two schools i don’t plan on sending my kid , and i can’t find a way to unapply , how can one unapply ?

    1. You keep applying to more schools. I have just been to the Ministry of Education and they said, now parents can apply to more than 10 schools. Feeling pretty lazy to explain the process here

  33. We still waiting for responses BT some schools are taking leaners who have not applied on line and are making applications for them at their reception .

  34. My last school im waiting is still on pending.For how long must i wait?What if the schools are getting full while im waiting?

  35. Are they any chances of going back to the school i once declined thinking that the one i wanted(still on pending)will respond?I dont want to make any choice now.So is it possible to go back to the i declined or to wait until i receive something to the pending?

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