How to Follow Online Updates of March to Statehouse #SolidarityMarch #FreshStart #MugabeMustGo

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Every other Zimbabwean (at least those in Harare) seems to be going to join the march to statehouse or the Zimbabwe Grounds anti Mugabe Rally. We are clearly surprised by some of the people who are participating, you know those people you can’t ever convince to register to vote. let alone to actually vote!

Now we realise there is a problem of fake news on social media and some online channels, therefore we have taken it upon ourselves to give you quick pointers on how to follow this historic event

Follow Blogs that are covering the march live:


Follow Solidarity March Twitter Hashtags. 

Here are the Twitter hashtags to follow:


Follow Live Videos on Facebook

The best way to follow the live videos on Facebook is to search for the word “March” once you’re inside the app.   A number of pages are posting live updates including


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  1. stanford chigova

    God is great .zimbabwe is free nw

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