Twitter accounts you can follow for updates on the Zimbabwean situation

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Since print media and national television won’t give you much, social media is the next best thing… or maybe even if print media and television were an option today, social media still triumphs because it gives news in real time. Though of course on social media the high risk of fake news is very high, but hey guess what? I’d personally take that risk over propaganda any day.


So if you’re curious to know what’s going on in Zimbabwe, whether because you are not in Zimbabwe or are but can’t seem to know who or what to follow, here’s a list of twitter handles you’d want to be glued to. But, before that, it’s good to know which hashtags are being so you can easily follow the threads.

By the way, a disclaimer: these are not the only accounts or hashtags that have all the information you’d want, feel free to search out for more.




  1. #Zimbabwe
  2. #Zimbabwecoup
  3. #Twimbos
  4. #263Chat

Twitter handles

  1. @matigary
  2. @Wamagaisa
  3.  @263Chat
  4. @WeArePindula (disclaimer Techzim affiliate)
  5. @OpenParly
  6. @BrezhMalaba
  7. @TheStar_news
  8. @iAmKudaMaynard
  9. @ali_naka
  10. @Harumutasa
  11. @elias_mambo
  12. @ZimMediaReview
  13. @TembaMliswa
  14. @Povonews

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  1. While we appreciate the good work you do, we feel you hve chosen to ignore or to be biased towards the work or impact ZimdTv is making, maybe you don’t know about it let’s say. Maybe bakers inn can not advertise Lobels bread cause of same business interest. ZimdiTv’s coverage on Chiwenga was used by all mainstream media in Europe and stats show the reach and views. It’s only for a shot while, we streamed cricket all five days in byo, And pple like TZ who write about tech advances and innovation keep quiet about its uses in Zim, when kwese is written three times a week, handeyi tione

  2. @Silvester Tapfumaneyi, do you guys have a website? I did a quick Google of your name and failed to find your home online.

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