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You Wont Have To Leave WhatsApp To Watch YouTube Videos Soon

WhatsApp and YouTube in a split screen

You know the deal. Someone sends you a link to a fire video, something like the viral Man’s Not Hot video. You click on the link and your’e either taken to the YouTube app or the YouTube website. Not a big deal but what if that experience can be improved.

Hidden code introduced in WhatsApp version 2.17.40 indicates that there is planned integration with YouTube. The integration being planned would result in users being able to watch YouTube videos without leaving WhatsApp.

Not only will you be able to watch the YouTube video whilst you’re still in WhatsApp but you will be able to navigate the app as you watch the video.

If you have seen Samsung’s pop out video feature then you have an idea of how it will all work. The feature however will take advantage of the picture-in-picture feature available on Android and iOS.

Users will be able to move the video pop up window around to anywhere on the screen, so that it doesn’t block text for example. Users will also be able to pinch on the video to make it full screen.

This feature makes sense for WhatsApp as they would be able to keep users within their messenger app rather than have them leave the app and be enticed by some other YouTube videos. For users you can keep the conversation going all while you watch a video.

The hidden code was spotted by WABetaInfo who spotted the Delete For Everyone code too. They have proven to be reliable when it comes to predicting upcoming features.

Here in Zimbabwe where we use WhatsApp bundles you would need to have other data bundles to view the YouTube videos. The feature does not mean that you will be able to watch YouTube using your WhatsApp bundle. The video may be opening whilst you are in WhatsApp but the video is still being pulled from YouTube.

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  1. “Ah yes, that Telegram feature we’ve had for a while.”

    Just copy this phrase and paste it on any WhatsApp “new feature” article. It always applies…

  2. samsung multi-window has had these features since 2014, its just the world catching up to Samsung

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