You heard how great OneFusion is but you have a mbudzi: kill both birds with OneTech

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No kidding these are tough times in Zimbabwe right now. Tough times demand that we all adopt the most cost effective options that give more tangible value. To be honest, this should always be our disposition even  when in good times, even when there are no notes of bondage aka bond notes. So when it comes to everyday communication we all want the most pocket friendly option:

One Fusion

It is really obvious that OneFusion is packed with value. Yes we all know what the OneFusion 5 offers but what we usually don’t mention is that this package does not expire for the whole month. Who isn’t tired of offers that seem like they are all that you want in terms of the value until you realise it’s a ticking bomb: the package expires at midnight! Talk about Cinderella and her carriage made of pumpkin.

The challenge is for you to really enjoy OneFusion, you need to have a smartphone and obviously not one of those Nokia phones that do not or will not support WhatsApp. As far as I care, a smart phone is one that supports WhatsApp. Anyway I digress, the short story is you CAN’T enjoy OneFusion on your mbudzi. BUT there is reason why you have a mbudzi:


Not so easy to buy a phone on cash

Not everyone has deep pockets or more accurately, only a very few of us have deep pockets. We all want to use latest devices that showcase that we live in the 21st century. Fine yes but such devices could just be beyond our reach.

The challenge for the majority is not that they don’t cumulatively come across enough to buy the phone of their choice but the challenge IS that they come across it cumulatively. In simpler language, we just don’t have the lump sum  to buy the device of choice and we have two reasons why we can’t save for a phone:

Reason One: We don’t have the discipline to save.

Reason Two: It just ain’t clever to save for a phone because by the time you buy it it will be outdated by a mile!

In comes OneTech

With OneTech, NetOne allows you to pay for your device over time. You get to enjoy your device immediately and then pay for it over time. Of course the price will not be equal to the cash price but it is easier on your pocket because the rest of your life will not need to come to a standstill just because you have bought a new phone.

Even when you are not using a mbudzi but you just want to upgrade your phone, OneTech could be what the doctor ordered.


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