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Bitcoin Bubble Burst, a way to keep yourself up to speed with Bitcoin performance…

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Bitcoin (or its technology) is the new sensation on the block. Well, not so new since it’s been around since 2009 but until 2015/16 it didn’t have as much traction or attention as it has now. In Zimbabwe, 2017’s cash crisis, bond notes et al., are what made most people look its way. Now, Bitcoin (BTC) has even traded at up to 100% premium within the country.

However, despite this fascination and all these advantages associated with Bitcoin, some are still too skeptical to adopt it and rightly so… to a degree. Yes, Bitcoin is ‘big money’ I mean as we speak the price internationally is 1BTC = US$11,864 and locally it’s at US$18,000 (we have a page solely for that by the way ?). Bitcoin also has been viewed as a store of wealth by many (very essential in an economy like ours at the moment), but as expected high returns always come at a price. The price in this case is the fear of the unknown.

Bitcoin is unpredictable that’s for sure as its pricing mostly relies on the market. Anything can cause a spike or decline in the demand for Bitcoin hence a corresponding response in its price. This then means if you own Bitcoin (I mean enough Bitcoin to cause you (a) sleepless night(s) if ever Bitcoin prices were to plunge into the negative) you might somehow need to constantly monitor it. Problem with that is that you then have to constantly keep an eye on some website(s) and continuously refresh them, you also have to keep an eye on some social media platforms which could be tedious, or affect (or be affected by) your other responsibilities.

Nonetheless, it’s always a good thing that when some see problems, others see solutions. Well, this solution doesn’t solve Bitcoin’s unpredictability but sure keeps you informed on what’s going on with or around it so much that you are able to stay proactive or if unfortunate, at least fire-fight when there’s still something to save.

Bitcoin Bubble Burst (interesting name) is a platform created to keep you on the loop on everything Bitcoin related that can affect you as a Bitcoin investor, trader etc. It pushes out notifications if anything you need to know happens. The platform uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to predict the value of cryptocurrencies by “analysing the trades with deep learning and social media & news with cognitive computing like sentiment analytics to know rapid changes before they take place”.

Haven’t used the platform yet myself, but I’ve seen publications like the TechCrunch talking about it. Maybe you wanna try it out and tell us what you think?

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