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Bitcoin Crossed $20,000 Internationally On Some Exchanges

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Bitcoin reached new highs internationally yesterday and is trading at impressive prices right now across the world. It however dropped rather steeply after reaching those highs but rebounded soon after. It’s a bit of a wild swing but on average, the price of the cryptocurrency is increasing.

The average cost of Bitcoin reached $16,000 yesterday but the price crossed the $20,000 on some exchanges. After reaching those $19,000s and $20,000s the price then fell by about 15% on most exchanges.

On CEX for example, the price reached a high of over $18,200 in the early hours today up from a high of around $17,500 on Thursday. In a few hours after reaching $18,200 the price reached a low of about $15,600. Then a few hours after the $15,600 low the price began to rise again and it is currently trading at about $17,000.

As Bitcoin reached highs of over $20,000 internationally, here in Zimbabwe the price was stuck at $22,000. Golix, the sole Bitcoin exchange in Zimbabwe is facing challenges with its order bookHowever it reached highs of about $26,000. The cryptocurrency has been trading at almost 100% premium in Zimbabwe for a while.

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