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Here Are The Answers To Your eMAP Application Questions

We realised that there are still a lot of questions around the eMAP applications platform and decided to go to the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education to get some answers.

So below, we’ve created a little Question and Answer section… hope it helps.


Q: How many schools can I apply for on eMAP?

A: 15

  • Yes, the last we wrote one could only apply to a maximum of 5 schools. But after a lot of requests from parents etc, the ministry decide to raise it to 15.

Q: When does the service shut down?

A: 08 January 2018

  • That is the official opening date for schools in Zimbabwe. Therefore, the eMAP service is available up until schools open.

Q: What does the error message ‘details do not match’ mean?

A: The details you would have entered do not match with those that ZIMSEC has.

  • The common problem according to the ministry is with the Date of Birth. Most people are receiving this error because the DOB they supply does not match with the one on the ZIMSEC records. What you need to do is get in touch with ZIMSEC first so that they can correct the error and then you can apply.

Q: What does the status ‘pending’ mean?

A: Pending means your application is still waiting for a response from the school head.

  • The response can either be an “accepted” or a “rejected”.

Q: What does the status ‘processed’ mean?

A: Processed means you have already been accepted at a different school, therefore you cannot be considered for another.

  • The idea is that every student secures at most one place. Therefore, once accepted at one school automatically the applications you sent out to the other schools are put on hold. Remember, there’s limited space available so one student cannot afford to hog all the places.
  • So if you want to still be eligible for consideration in other schools, then you’d have to decline the offer from the school that accepted you hence enabling you to get back into the system. But then again, there’s the risk of then not getting a place at any of the other schools.

Q: How long should I wait before receiving a response?

A: There is no prescribed waiting time. The time taken to assess your application varies from school to school.

  • eMAP does not directly influence how much time a school should take to process an application. The time taken between application and response entirely depends on the efficiency of the school of choice.

Q: Where should I check to see the response I got?

A: Login onto the eMAP website to check the status.

  • Constantly check on the site for the results otherwise the only notification that is pushed out by schools (and not by eMAP) is the message that you have been accepted.

Q: What should I do after getting a rejected notification?

A: Send applications to other school. Remember you can make up to 15 applications.

Q: Can I edit the details I have already submitted?

A: No you cannot. You will have to contact eMAP services to make any changes.

Hopefully, this helps. If not, you can utilise the comments section to ask questions.

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  1. I declined the school tht accepted nw it took me bc to pending on other school’s I declined because I couldn’t manage the fees so cn I get through to other schools

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