Kwese Promises To Add 23 More Channels By March 2018


You read that right, 23 more channels are to be added to the Kwese TV bouquet in the next three months to take the grand total available to 100 channels.

Kwese TV launched with about 66 channels and since that time more channels have been added bringing the grand total available in Zimbabwe to 77. Yes, it appears 11 channels have been added since launch, I count five but apparently it has been 11.

We know for certain that ZBC TV was added on the 19th of November, just in time for us to witness the military takeover events. Just three days ago Kwese added four new channels, Nat Geo and FOX being two of them and I was pumped to see that.


So now Kwese goes on and says 23 more quality channels are on the horizon. It’s hard not to be pumped about that.
We don’t know which channels they will be just yet but I know that at the very least one of the channels will be just perfect for me.

Some of the channels will be Kwese channels like Kwese Inc for example and the others will be third party channels like Nat Geo. Regarding the channels, Kwese said,“We have an amazing line up of new channels on their way. Some of the channels are our own innovations and they take time to complete, but we are almost there now.”

Let’s acknowledge that it is Kwese’s job to say the coming channels are amazing. They would be terrible at their job if they came out and said, ‘we’ll be throwing in a couple dozen of terrible channels just so we can reach 100 channels,’ don’t you think.

So them saying the channels will be amazing really is not saying much but that too does not mean the channels won’t be amazing. Out of 23 channels it is possible to not find even one you enjoy but the probability is in favour of at least one being awesome for you personally.

Will there be a sports channel offering the bulk of English Premier League matches? We have no idea at this point but one can certainly hope although I think March is too early for such a deal to be closed by Kwese.
We will have to wait until March to see just what it is we will be getting.

I hope this news stirs DStv to action. We need the fight for our hard earned bond notes to heat up. Kwese being younger and having fewer channels than DStv means they have more to add. However DStv can add a few too or at least shuffle the bouquets. Just anything to entice us to choose them over the 23-new-channel-promising Kwese.
It’s shaping up to be a consumer’s market, a far cry from what it was even just a few months ago in Zimbabwe. Let’s hope the fight continues.

What kind of content are you most hopeful to see added? I know the sports lovers have been very vocal about their wants. What about everyone else? What would make you ditch DStv if you haven’t already?

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