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Local Bitcoin Exchange Golix Faces Challenges With Order Book…

BitFinance renamed to Golix

Zimbabwe’s only online cryptocurrency exchange is currently facing challenges with its order book with its customers failing to place and withdraw orders.

The problem has been noticed since Wednesday 6 December 2017 and a notification on their website acknowledged that there was a challenge and was being looked in to by their technical team.

Users who have got in touch expressed frustration with the downtime as the exchange was not fulfilling any orders at the moment.

Information from Golix state that their technical team are attending to the matter and are expectant that they will be up and running “soon”. No exact time is being committed to.

Golix has become a lifesaver for users in the diasporans who send money home as the premium on BTC fetches at much as 100%, way more than what the streets are giving.

Bitcoin has been on a rapid increase in value over the last few days, currently fetching north of $15,800setting records almost every day. At the rate that the cryptocurrency is going up in value talk of it reaching $500,000/BTC in a few years don’t really look unrealistic.

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2 thoughts on “Local Bitcoin Exchange Golix Faces Challenges With Order Book…

  1. ImBeginning to think that all these bit coin articles are sponsored.. for your information Western Union are giving I think it’s about 5% plus they give in USD…. Which you can then convert to bond at current rate of about 40%…. No tall value in Bitcoin plus it’s still trapped in the banks

    1. You keep doing your Western Union which gives you 5% and convert to bond/rtgs at 40%. I will stick to Bitcoin which gives me 80 to 100%.

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