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Someone’s Phone Won’t Be Supporting WhatsApp In A Few Days Time…Question Is Whose???

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It’s almost the end of the year; while some celebrate, some are wishing they could slow down time just a little bit more. Yes, imagining life without WhatsApp can be motivation enough for one to want the year to last a little longer than it should.

Hopefully, you’re not one of those people!

In September this year, Techzim sent out a reminder (to whomever it concerned) stating the type of phones that will no longer be supporting (or is it won’t be supported by) WhatsApp in 2018. We had a good 2/3 months to prepare for that fate.

I would have said something about how you could have taken advantage of the Black Friday or Cyber Monday but hey, Zimbabwe hasn’t made it that easy for us to partake of such since the introduction of bond notes.

So a reminder again, which phones will be obsolete in the smartphones world after the 31st of December 2017? (I say that because I really don’t see the point of having a smartphone if you’re not going to be able to access simple yet basic things like WhatsApp).
1. BlackBerry OS
2. BlackBerry 10
3. Windows Phone 8.0 and older

It makes sense that WhatsApp will no longer be actively developing features for these phones since even their own manufacturers ‘gave up’ on them. Microsoft admitted to having failed as far as Windows Mobile Operating System is concerned while BlackBerry has since discontinued manufacturing its own OS. Android OS seems to be the way to go (and of course iOS but things become different with iOS since it isn’t open source).

I know for some the temptation to think you can wiggle out of it by backdating your phone is great, but from me to you: don’t! Just don’t. You are better off getting the hang of a WhatsApp-less life than trying to manipulate your device into supporting the app. If your device is detected it will be kicked out of the system anyway, that’s if backdating works this time around.

Besides, it’s a whole lot of hassles using a backdated phone for WhatsApp, I have before and it’s one of the few things I regret in life. It’s just better to accept that you no longer have WhatsApp and move on quickly.

Nonetheless, you might be interested to know who’s next….

Next to be phased out of WhatsApp’s plans are Nokia S40 devices. According to the WhatsApp blog, users have up to the end of December 2018 to replace them. However, it seems as though for most S40 users, WhatsApp is already not supported due to phone memory problems – so technically, these phones no longer support the app.

This should help you make a decision as to which phone to buy next, otherwise you’ll be singing the same song next year at this time.

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  1. Apparently this does not apply if a Lumia phone has been updated to Windows 8.1. Let’s hope so!

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