What The Heck Are Content Bundles For?

Content Bundle

You know how every time you come across Option 2 aka “Content Bundle”  whenever you’re trying to check your WhatsApp or Facebook bundle balance? On your Econet line that is… Yea that, what is that?

Well, to be honest; I don’t know.

I don’t know the proper use of Content bundles but what I do know is how I use them. Though I’m pretty convinced that whatever I use them for is not the real reason why they exist.


So initially, before I figured out the Out-Of-bundle browsing option, I used to use them to save my airtime from being chowed by the data hungry apps on my phone. Remember how for a long time we struggled preserving airtime or rather, saving it from becoming ‘insufficient credit’ before we could make a purchase of our data bundle of choice?

We then figured that we needed to turn off the data before juicing up airtime, but we kinda kept forgetting to do it. This meant that we had to purchase another dollar to make it enough for us to purchase the bundle but then it wouldn’t be enough for two. So what to do with the remaining airtime? We’d quickly make calls to every other person in our phonebook, anyone who would pick up our call really. We obviously preferred having awkward or dry conversations compared to having our money disappearing from our phones just like that.

Oh, then EcoCash came to our rescue; whenever we turned off our data too late, we could simply buy 5c from EcoCash and then get whatever bundle we wanted without worrying about how to then finish up the remaining airtime. Now that’s a different story since we can only purchase at least a dollar worth of airtime from EcoCash now. But who cares? In that context that is, there’s Out-Of-Bundle browsing now and of course the Content bundle

So how do I use Content bundles to save my airtime? Well, Content bundles to me are like a mini savings account for my airtime in my phone. I transfer airtime to and from them to keep my airtime safe, from both my phone (not so much now that I deactivated my Out-Of-Bundle browsing) and thieves. Yes, thieves. Airtime thieves can come in form of friends, family and even strangers. Some people can just pick up your phone and start calling their peeps without your proper approval. But, if my airtime is in my content bundle, no one can use it unless of course I authorise it.

However, if you’re not as stingy as I am, you can just use the Content bundle as a storage for rainy days. You know when you really need airtime but you’re too proud to borrow from Econet (or can’t really because you already have), then you just remember you have some airtime in your Content bundle? It’s epic I tell you! It’s like finding some bond notes in your jeans while doing laundry on a broke day.

Anyway, moving airtime to and from the Content bundle is free so you can do it as much as you want. The minimum amount you can move however is 10c, which is not bad. To do it, follow these instructions:

  • Dial *143#

  • Select option 3: Account Services

  • Select option 2: Content bundle

  • Select option 2: Transfer to Content account

  • Enter amount

  • Confirm

To transfer airtime back from the Content Account:

  • Dial *143#

  • Select option 3: Account Services

  • Select option 2: Content bundle

  • Select option 3: Transfer from Content account

  • Enter amount

  • Confirm

Since I already confessed I wasn’t sure of the proper use of the Content bundle, maybe someone can help. Yup, there’s the comment section for that, please feel free to utilise it!

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10 thoughts on “What The Heck Are Content Bundles For?

  1. Thank you for clarifying the “content bundle” facility, to be honest I had no idea what it really was and never dared venture to know.However I have a challenge with my stollen tablet (0775066961)which I reported to ZRP and the investigating officer got some clearance from a Rotten Row magistrate to go with to Econet together with the tablet,s IMEI no in August2017 but up to now Officer says hasn’t got its trace from Econet .Does the IMEI no really help recovering a lost smartphone? Or Econet just don’t give a damn? Or some corrupt chap at Econet wants a bribe?? Or its a privilege to have Econet trace it for you and not a right and its no holds barred even to POTRAZ???Please help

    1. Yes the IMEI is actually what’s used to track down a stolen phone. The period it takes depends on how soon it can be located on the selected local network.

      So if the IMEI is sent to Econet then Econet will search for in on their network. They will only find it if it has an Econet line inside.

      If it doesn’t have an Econet line in it then Econet won’t find it so it’s now an issue of moving on to the next service provider.

      If by chance the phone found itself beyond this nation’s boarders then that might be a very tricky one to find

      1. Thank you Edwin.You have been very helpful.I think its now going back to ZRP to ask them to go back to Econet and get it traced.If they don’t find it try Netone and Telecel.I’m not sure where the glitches are coming from ZRP or Service provider.Oh! By the way can I make a formal request via email?

  2. Greetings Trycloyn. The content bundles were introduced as means to prevent those news, quote and other content providers from depleting your main account balance without your immediate knowledge as was being the case. If you remember well, had you subscribed to any news provider and then maybe went for a week without having received any content and you forgot that you are subscribed, when you toped-up it would deplete your balance instantly similar to the internet analogy.

    Nowadays those services can only deplete your content account balance and not your main balance.

    1. Oh really? Interesting. Thanks a lot Chuck for that. Have you ever tried using them for that yourself?

  3. Since you are not a stingy person, kindly send me $5 airtime so that i can try out the Content bundle feature, kkkkk

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