Here’s What Zimbabweans Searched For On Google In 2017


So the year is about to come to an end and like every year, Google has released data on what people searched about throughout 2017.


Around the world, people searched for a wide variety of things from recipes, song lyrics to people or television shows. The data available for what Zimbabweans searched is not as detailed as that but here’s what Google shared.

Top 10 searches made by Zimbabweans in 2017

  1. Emmerson Mnangagwa
  2. Constantino Chiwenga
  3. Grace Mugabe
  4. Action movies
  5. Robert Mugabe
  6. AFCON
  7. Zodwa Wabantu
  8. Cyclone Dineo
  9. Causes of bullying
  10. Fast and Furious 8

Top 10 personalities searched for in Zimbabwe

  1. Emmerson Mnangagwa
  2. Constantino Chiwenga
  3. Grace Mugabe
  4. Robert Mugabe
  5. Zodwa Wabantu
  6. Saviour Kasukuwere
  7. Philippe Coutinho
  8. Morgan Tsvangirai
  9. Kudzai Chipanga
  10. Andy Muridzo

Top 10 questions Zimbabweans throughout the year

  1. What is bullying?
  2. Where is Emmerson Mnangagwa?
  3. What is impeachment?
  4. Where is Grace Mugabe?
  5. How to make love?
  6. What is land pollution?
  7. How to write a report?
  8. When is mother’s day?
  9. What is love?
  10. How to gain weight?



Most of the search traffic that occurred in Zimbabwe saw a spike from August 2017 as many events were happening around the country, most leading to Zimbabwe getting a new president. This is probably why most of the search data has to do with the political figures that were involved in the ‘non-coup’ rather than the usual things like TV shows.

If you would like to take a look at the data more closely, you can visit the Google Trends for Zimbabwe website.

Otherwise, let us know what you think about this data. Did you also search for such in 2017? What did you think would be the most searched person, term or the most asked question on Google in Zimbabwe?

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