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You Want To Freelance For Steward Bank But Need To Know More? Here’s More…

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So the first time we wrote about collaborating with Steward Bank we described a bit about the bank. Needed to just give you a better feel of what they are about so you can better decide if that’s what you’re interested in. Last time we discussed who exactly they are looking for. Today, I will try to explain more what this collaboration is all about.

For starters, let’s get this out of the way: Steward Bank is NOT looking for employees!

What the bank is looking for are freelancers to partner or collaborate with on the multiple Fintech projects that they have in store. The idea right now is to get interested parties to sign up and create a database. It is through this database that individuals or teams with the skills suitable for a particular project will be picked out.

These individuals or teams will be contacted as and when the demand for them arises. They will be contacted at individual level, so there won’t be any ads or public announcements revealing who’s been picked and for what. I know what you already thinking, no need to go further down that path because Techzim will publish one or two experiences from the people who would have been selected to collaborate with the bank in due time.

The second thing to note is that the call by the bank is open ended, there is no deadline to it…yet. As I mentioned earlier on, it’s not just a single project but a multiple. Some can run concurrently but some will have to run sequentially. According to Steward Bank’s projection, the whole exercise will not run anything less than two years. However, it’s still not set in stone that the exercise will run for two years, as you know tech is fast evolving, yesterday’s problem might not be todays while today’s win might be tomorrow’s stumbling block.

Also to note right there is applying to collaborate with Steward doesn’t mean you’d have to be stuck with them for the whole 2years or however else long the exercise will be. It will all depend on your skill set. You might be required for just a day or week, month… or even the whole two years ?. Once you are contacted by the bank to show they are interested in what you have to offer, you will be handed a contract with all those nitty gritty details that will help you make an informed decision as to whether to get into bed with them or not.

Lastly for today, let’s talk about CVs a bit shall we?

Again, Steward Bank is NOT looking for CVs (just like Techzim never does). They are well aware of the fact that CVs don’t really say much about a person; we all know everyone “works well under minimum supervision” or “is a team player” or whatever else nonsense people copy and paste onto their CVs. So NO, CVs are not their main focus.

If not CVs then what?

In the tech world, we strongly subscribe to the notion “show me, don’t tell me!”. CVs say a bunch, but portfolios show. What the Steward Bank team needs are people who can demonstrate their ‘blazing tech skills’ because remember what we said in the previous article about the seriousness of the business at hand.

If you’re one of those who just threw in your CV, don’t worry, second chances are a thing. You can resubmit your application and this time do it the right way.

That’s it for today… more in the coming ones! But until then, do send in questions; we will make an attempt to answer them whether in the comments section, or in the next article.

Happy holidays!

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3 thoughts on “You Want To Freelance For Steward Bank But Need To Know More? Here’s More…

  1. Am I the only one who recieved an email saying I’m shortlisted and should develop an account opening app to show my skills?

  2. Oh! You haven’t figured out why people use those cliches in their CVs. I won’t tell you & I hope to use it against you one you one day

  3. They’re looking for freelancers only – not people that freelance AND are permanently employed. Within a modern CV would be a section for e.g. “Projects managed” or “Achievements” for someone who has done Project Management or SW Development. First World companies are currently looking for this why would this be a drawback for a 3rd World Company?….is this case of thinking out of a bigger box and restricting one to a smaller one….just saying.

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