ZIMRA Records 30% More Revenue Than Projected In November


ZIMRA (Zimbabwe Revenue Authority) is reported to have done well in the last month. In fact, they did almost 30 percent better than they had expected for the month.

See with entities like ZIMRA it’s hard to establish what emotion to tie with such news. Yes, we’re glad that whenever ZIMRA generates revenue, the country benefits but the fact that the money is directly being collected from us makes it a little harder to swallow.

Besides, had ZIMRA not been synonymous with corruption and not so infamous with the citizens, maybe that wouldn’t have been too difficult to decide which emotion to go with. But then again, tax collectors have never really been the most appreciated people on the planet. I mean it even goes as far back as in Zacchaeus’s time. We (citizens) tend to forget that it’s actually the country as a whole that stands to benefit from these collections (well, ideally).


Anyway, last month (November 2017) ZIMRA  generated a revenue of about $352 million.  According to the Herald, ZIMRA’s corporate communications manager, Canisio Mudzimu said:

Gross collections for the month of November amounted to $352,24 million against a target of $269,83 million, which translates to a positive variance of 30,54 percent. Net collections of $335,38 million were 24,29 percent above target. The November 2017 net collections grew by 34,21 percent from the $249,90 million that was collected during the same period last year.

Also, Mr Mudzimu went on to attribute the increase to the measures of collecting revenue that they put in place e.g. automation, audits and anti-corruption initiatives. Automation of course is of interest to us as it indicates that the government is indeed adapting to the the digital times in which we’re in.

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