Apple To Soon Roll Out An iOS Update That Allows Users To Either Opt In Or Out Of The ‘Throttling Feature’

Trycolyn Pikirayi Avatar

Last month, Apple was nabbed for deliberately slowing down iPhones with older batteries in a bid to make the batteries last longer. This attracted a lot of lawsuits against them, a total of 45 as of yesterday.

However, Apple in response to the outcry, has decided to roll out a new software to rectify that.

Tim Cook (Apple CEO), said a new iOS developer update that is meant to allow iPhone users to see their battery’s health will be available next month. Not only will it allow iPhone users to see the health of their phone battery but it will also allow users to tun off the ‘throttling feature’.

This new update may potentially calm the aggravated iPhone users since part of the greatest offence Apple committed was not telling their customers that they (Apple) were throttling their phones’ performance.

Apple claims to have done this to prevent older devices from shutting down when batteries became too weak. They also claim that the resolution was meant to help users prolong their batteries so that their iPhone would be available when they needed it. In Tim Cook’s own words by USA Today, he said 

Our actions were all in service of the user… maybe we should have been clear at a point in time, but our actions were always the purest.

In as much as the reasoning behind Apple’s resolution of throttling the performance of iPhones with old batteries sounds legit and customer centred, Apple still has to face the class action lawsuits.

Nonetheless, it’s not all bad news for the affected iPhone users since soon, they will have the option of either slowing down their phones to save their batteries or use them at their optimum performance but at the expense of their battery. It’s always better when the decision is made by the user rather than for it to come by default, especially if against their knowledge.

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