Harare Facebook Developer Circle Hosts An AI Masterclass And Virtual Reality Demos

Today at Impact Hub Harare, the Harare Facebook Developer Circle held the second workshop of AI Masterclass, a program of 5 workshops on artificial intelligence created by the amazing experts at AI Research Lab of Facebook (FAIR).

The workshop continued on from where the first workshop left off, which was held last year in November, by covering A.I. Speech and Natural Language Processing. Unfortunately, the AI masterclass workshops are as the name suggests, classes for masters, so they are not exactly suited for people who haven’t developed or worked with AI before.

Normally this wouldn’t be a big challenge if most attendees had worked with AI before or had some software development experience but so far, more non-developers are turning up for the meet-ups than developers. Fortunately, the Harare Facebook Developer Circle is planning to get more people involved in the planning of the meet-ups so they shape up to be what the community wants so more will benefit instead of leaving some feeling like they didn’t learn anything.


Apart from watching videos that presented the topics covered by the AI masterclass workshop, people also got to experience virtual reality interactively by playing some VR games using the HTC Vive. For most, this experience was a first so they were quite blown away by it. The virtual reality demos were done as a way to introduce people to some of the experiences they will be learning how to create in one of the scheduled meet-ups of the year.

Artificial intelligence and virtual reality are some of the words that have become popular in the tech space. With more communities like the Developer Circle being formed in Zimbabwe, more people can learn about the opportunities and potential of such tech.

Hopefully, through such communities, people will collaborate to solve our problems by leveraging this tech. If you’d like to become a part of the community and help it grow into something special, simply request to join the Facebook Group. The group is where most of the communication with other members occurs so you can share your ideas there, organize meet-ups and meet other people who all share a similar passion for technology.

Here are some pictures from the Harare Facebook Developer Circle AI Masterclass event:


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  1. i had an awesome time and had opportunity to network and learn new technologies ,first hand experience of Virtual Reality
    Thank you event organisers.

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