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Kangai Nabbed by ZACC. The Accuser Has Been Arrested


The former CEO of NetOne, Reward Kangai has been arrested. Yes the man who was pointing the finger at Supa Mandiwanzira, the Minister of ICT and Cybersecurity for alleged corruption and abuse of office has himself been arrested.

Kangai was fired from his job at the helm of NetOne for ignoring procurement standards. These allegations were confirmed by a Pricewaterhouse Coopers audit.

From soon after his exit from NetOne Kangai went on a campaign to ‘expose’ his former boss Supa and some of the team that he left at NetOne for all kinds of practices for example his allegations that Supa did not follow tender procedures when he contracted or wanted to contract a Chinese company to audit a deal between NetOne and Huawei.

Kanagai wrote a letter to the former president Robert Mugabe and nothing came of it. A few weeks ago he wrote to the current president Emmerson Mnangagwa. In that letter he alleged that Supa Mandiwanzira was building a cartel within the telecoms sector. The allegations he made in that letter were very serious and make a very interesting story. If the dots he connected there are coincidence then yea, it’s one heck of a story.

The corruption allegations Kangai leveled against Supa were thrown out by ZACC. Ironically, in the same statement they declared Mandiwanzira clean, ZACC announced that they would be going after Kangai. They kept their word and now Kangai is at Avondale Police.


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9 thoughts on “Kangai Nabbed by ZACC. The Accuser Has Been Arrested

  1. If I was Supa I would be very scared right now. It speaks volumes that Kangai did not run, leave the country or even leave the Netone house he was living in. A court of law, not the compromised, corrupt Supa-proxy, Nguni at ZACC is going to have a field day with this case. I am so happy. Supa has just hung himself.

  2. RELATED AND IMOIRTANT: I see TechZim didn’t cover the “social chat” application launched by IT Experts, co-founded by Farai Mundangepfupfu. Announced with alot of praise and awe and quoting Supa Mandiwanzira, falling short of calling them astronauts.

    An interesting question is: Are these the beneficiaries of the $6million Innovation Fund ( ) or the $25million ICT Innovators Fund ( ) ??

    Does that explain why they emphasize the scale of achievement of this “social chat” application? To somehow hide, justify and attempt to account for that money?

    We all know that there are not less than 5 very good social networking applications that are free and open-source.

    Why would this be a newsworthy, headline material announcement.

    Herald blocked my comments.

    1. We did not feature the app because of negligence on our part, very sorry. We should have probed at it. Sorry we did not
      As for the Innovation Fund, our questions around it are kind of not being answered. We will keep asking them, sooner or later answers will come

  3. if you choose to steal a story from Technomag make mention of them as we all know u take stories from other publication n make it your own news. even a live link will be courteous

    1. You cannot steal something that has happened! It is common cause that if a major story and this is a major story happens many publications will cover it from their own angles. Trump tweets and everyone writes for example. Robert Mugabe is deposed and as the facts filter the story is written from here to Brazil, to Bosnia. As is wont to happen with factual stories while the diction my differ most facts tend to be similar. It does not mean the story has been stolen. Stealing is copying and pasting as some other blogs do.

  4. Apa pane nyaya apa. I think Supa Mandiwanzira is insidious. Tovana kuti court inoti kudii nenyaya iyi.

  5. Ini hangu I know that Super is a shady person. He was highly protected by Mugabe family sezvo vari related. Emmerson’s government still protects him… Pane nyaya.. Nothing is going to change in Zimbabwe. Iye Mandiwanzira is always at Huawei and ZTE doing some shady deals with those companies. He is highly paid by those companies but even if ZACC see evidence yacho they will ignore it.. I doubt the integricy of ZACC

  6. The bad apple at ZACC is none other than the so-called investigations officer. Can anyone shed some light on his professional background? I see that ZACC doesn’t even have a website, one would expect them to work with companies like Deloittes/Delta/Old Mutual etc on their whistle-blowing initiative, but no. Pretending to be working – Zanu PF-style.
    Mr Kangai will come out all guns blazing – this will be a very interesting case indeed!

  7. I’m also skeptical about the integrity of ZACC at this stage. How impartial are the officials? There was an array of allegations made against the Honorable Minister in the public domain, but when they reportedly cleared his name, they gave the impression that they had dealt with only one aspect. My guess is that Kangai’s allegations have some sort of basis based on first hand information and that he threw it in the public domain so that the whole nation could use this as a test. ZACC arrested him on charges that are not new…seeing as professional auditors had already done the work. I think the test for them is in how they handle high profile cases for people who seemingly have favour in the current political structures. Will they really call a spade a spade?

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