Minister of ICT and Cyber Security, Supa Mandiwanzira Cleared Of Kangai’s Corruption Allegations

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Supa Mandiwanzira

Last week, it came to the public’s attention that the former NetOne CEO, Reward Kangai had reported the Minister of ICT and Cyber Security to ZACC (Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission) accusing him of abuse of office and corruption.

The allegations stated that the minister, Supa Mandiwanzira had engaged a South African firm for consultational services for $4 million without going to tender as is standard procedure.

However, according to the investigations by ZACC, the allegations are false.

In a statement by Goodwin Nguni reported by the Standardthe commissioner in charge of investigations said:

We received a complaint by one Reward Kangai against minister Mandiwanzira, but we also simultaneously received a report from NetOne against the same Kangai.

We investigated the $4 million that Kangai alleged the minister had paid to Megawatt and we found out that there was no $4 million paid to anybody at Megawatt. We had a court order, raided NetOne offices and looked at their bank statements, went to check at the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe and other banks. We established that no money was ever paid by NetOne that amounted to $4 million, so we disregarded that story.

But NetOne complained against Reward Kangai in substantive cases of fraud and corruption in the awarding of tenders for base stations by a company called Bopela and we are on it. Very soon we will get to some action regarding that. So we are not covering up for any minister.


  1. Kazishe

    ZACC seems to have just gone in and investigated one side of Kangai’s story and disregarded other offshoots from those allegations. The honourable minister was being accused of more underhand dealings and ZACC has just showed us how incompetent they are!

  2. Kureva

    Supa is not clean. 1st Kangai then Bopela a few days ago and those appointments he made at netone for ceo etc. He aint going nowhere becoz hes their boy

  3. Sagitarr

    Why has this Goodson Nguni been quiet on issues reported to him in 2016? What does he have to say about the toxic corporate and personal relationships and high coincidences pointing to insider appointments, hiring, firing and promotions indicated by Kangai? What is the procedure for ZACC’s feedback after one has lodged corruption allegations? I’m not convinced that thorough work was done to pursue Kangai’s side of allegations but the truth will come out sooner if not later.

  4. Louis

    Kangai’s story can’t not be a fabrication. There are so many coincidences in the web of his narration. It is hard to think Kangai would sit down and come up with such a complex story. These guys at the anti corruption simply did not do thorough investigations. There has to be some truth somewhere….

  5. Anonymous

    Then either Mr Kangai missed his calling in life—-writing believable fictional stories or someone at ZACC knows the real story behind the story !

  6. Cde Taramba Nzenza

    You touched the right nerve techzim, never mind the abuse above. These are probably from Supa and those with soiled fingers that you have correctly analyzed because havasi kuvata vanhu ivava, running scared. However, this one is going to be an interesting one. For starters RK has posed these guys serious problems by putting all these allegations in the public domain. For ZACC or President to dismiss them without proper inquiry (mind you, RK is by extension saying I am open to a full probe by recommending a commission of inquiry) will tell us plainly how much hope we should put in this rhetoric of fighting corruption by the present regime. If they sweep this one under as utterances already coming from ZACC that Supa is innocent, hee-ee we cannot see evidence of corruption and looting of $4m, heee RK has a case to answer instead —ummm boys, hakuna nyika yakadaro. LET THERE BE A FULL INQUIRY, period. And from the look of things ZACC is not equipped so lets make it a judicial one. But Supa is clever, looks like he is nicely covered in all factions. Remember he was almost a goner in 2014 on suspicion he was a Mujuru sympathizer. This time round although we know his connection to Grace through his wife, he survived coming out as a Lacoste and most importantly keeping his Ministry so that he keeps his misdeeds under wraps for a little longer. Now it is emerging that one Oppah might have rung the bell that is saving Supa. Now, while I don’t mind all these machinations and in fact expect them, I will be a disappointed cadre if ED is sucked in by it all and hopes that we the people do not see through this smoke. We see clearly and believe that Supa is dirty. He has a chance to nail someone who is not G40 but part of the corrupt lot in ZPF – how committed is he to clear this cancer, or is it just rhetoric? Our votes are still very much in the air good people, the euphoria of heee kutonga kwaro, heee mudhara achauya is wearing away fast…. and we are watching

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