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Start the year on a high with these $10.99 Udemy courses

An offer you cannot resist

Currently Udemy is running a new year promotion that will allow you to enroll into any course for $10.99. Before I start rambling please know that for a limited time I am offering a select number of people the opportunity to pay for a Udemy course using Ecocash. Please check the penultimate paragraph to learn how you can take advantage of this offer.


It’s a bit of a cliché but I am one of those people who subscribe to the notion of New Year resolutions. These aren’t mega goals like Marc Zakerburgs quest to learn Mandarin for example.

More like the little things. So every year since 2008 or is it 2007 I endeavour to acquire some sort of a little personal skill. Back then it was touch typing and I can say after gruelling hours with typing tutor to this day I can type at least 50+ words per minute whether a keyboard is backlit or not night or day.

Over the years these things acccrue. I learnt how to use the command line like a pro. In 2009 I mastered Postfix, Squid, PC Repair and Bind. In 2013 it was WordPress and forgetting everything about Java, 2014 it was networking, 2015 more WordPress and Nginx, 2016 PHP OOP and 2017 Digital Marketing.

In 2018 I have to learn to live without things like bread, spaghetti and macaroni since I have found out I have celiac’s disease. It’s harder than you’d think! And of course I have to finally master JavaScript or at least try for like the 15th time wierd thing is I understand jQuery or I think I do.

Udemy makes it easy to master skills

Ever since my colleague introduced me to Udemy and I tried it I have been hooked. It is the perfect place and tool if you want to acquire specific skills and knowledge whether it’s for personal or professional purposes.

Despite what he thinks it is perfect whether you went to college or not. If you are a CS graduate for example you can use it either to enhance, refresh or hone your skills say learning how to use your Java skills to actually make a real world app.

Udemy is the perfect tool to move on from what might have been an antiquated curriculum and experience the real world in the eyes of professionals. Few schools teach Nodejs or Ruby or Ruby on rails Udemy can help you with these.

You can even use it to divest from your field of study. I have an Accounting background and I have used it to acquire related skills such as Digital Marketing and of course dip my toes in PHP OOP.

Five courses you might be interested in

Like with real world schools you have to be careful when choosing courses. Look at the rating of the course, the course structure, popularity in the chosen field and qualifications of the instructor. Your descretion might be the difference between throwing away your money and getting your money’s worth.

Here are some high quality courses you might be interested in:

NB You are free of course to enroll in courses of your choosing

Making payments

Signing up for Udemy is easy and nothing special. Making payments not so easy. If you are like me and your bank still allows you to make payments using funds in your account then that’s not a big deal. Udemy has a lot of promotions (as I am writing now you can enroll in any course for $10.99! ) so even with limits you can still enjoy quite a number of courses.

You can also use your FBC, BancABC or Ecobank prepaid MasterCard or Visa cards. That would mean hunting for the USD to prefund your account but again the promotions and low prices of most courses somewhat eases the burden.

You can also have someone buy the course on your behalf and send it to your email account as a gift. This is the perfect solution for those with friends and family in diaspora. The gift course is send instantly to the recipient’s account.

Limited Offer: Pay using Ecocash!

The offer has expired but the Udemy discount has been extended please click on this link to go to Udemy and enjoy the discount.

For a limited time I will be helping those who want to use Ecocash to pay for Udemy courses. The offer is going to be on a first come first serve basis and once I have run out of funds this message will be crossed out. To get in touch please email me garikaib (at) Gmail dot com. You will need to reconstruct my email of course.

Stick to your goals and you shall succeed. Hurry as the $10.99 prices ends today.

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