New App Gives Zim Citizens Ability To Report Faults, Potholes And Such Throughout The Country


A recently released application, CityPin allows users to post and track faults and incidents within metros.


The app description reads:

Bring a change to your community. Simply pin it.


CityPin reconnects people by using the power of mobile technology to allow concerned citizens to make each other aware of issues and problems in the place they are living, working and cultivating. CityPin is about you the citizen.

This app is a product of KURB KINGS. KURB KINGS wants to help you make a difference. One city at a time. We specialize in creative solutions for everyday problems through a variety of approaches. We are most geared towards nurturing/encouraging meaningful and effective community engagement.



Users have either an anonymous account or the option to sign in using their Email address. Users can report :

  • Power Outages
  • Faulty Power Lines
  • Burst Pipe
  • Faulty traffic lights
  • Potholes
  • Traffic congestions
CityPin Download Link


The Map where all the pins containing faults appear
CityPin Menu
Pin reporting the pothole situation along Seke Rd

This application is a positive initiative and hopefully, city councils throughout the countries will use the application to attend to the complaints of Citizens.

Tell us what you think of this app in the comments

* The CityPin App appears to only be available on the Android Store at this moment

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18 thoughts on “New App Gives Zim Citizens Ability To Report Faults, Potholes And Such Throughout The Country

  1. Its a great initiative however we need to add a feature of “resolved” status as to show the progress or response made by the relevant authority. Otherwise, we need to encourage such apps in our country

    1. Yeah, a resolved status feature would be great, It will also be interesting to see whether the pins disappear from the Map after a problem is solved!

  2. Hi i am the owner of the app.

    In response to the comments; Pining is just the start. Our goal is to actually get things fixed. We understand what some users mean when they ask what happens after.

    All pins will be tracked. Time taken to fix issues will be recorded. Users will be notified when things are fixed. It’s part of the features we are developing.

    We also have systems that councils can use that will ensure proper serivice delivery. We will be involved in ensuring this app is used properly and achieves its goal.

    CityPin is more accurate. More up-to-date and we want that Zimbabweans get used to seeing issues and reporting. That’s the first step. This app removes excuses. If we don’t highlight issues no matter how obvious, nothing will be addressed. This is the philosophy behind the app.

    The fastest way to get government to use this is if we all use it. As citizens we need to be aggressive . if we want change we have to show it. This platform is designed specifically for you. It gives you a voice. Only people can make it work.

      1. Good Evening

        My apologies for responding so late. I have been having email issues.
        I have not yet received your email. Do you mind sending it again?

  3. the application is surely a call to action to the city fathers and other authorities to be responsive to people needs

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