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Multichoice SA Announces Price Increase. Zim DSTV Prices Will Stay The Same.

Multichoice SA has announced it’s annual price adjustment and subscribers will have to fork out more from April 1, 2018. The majority of the packages are seeing a price increase with the only exception being the DStv Access and Easyview packages.

Updated SA prices

Packages 2018 Price 2017 Price % Increase
DStv Premium R809 R789 2.5%
DStv Compact Plus R509 R489 4.1%
DStv Compact R385 R365 5.5%
DStv Family R249 R235 6.0%
DStv Access R99 R99 0.0%
DStv EasyView R29 R29 0.0%
DStv Select R249 R235 6.0%
M-Net analogue R409 R389 5.1%
Add-ons 2018 Price 2017 Price % increase
Access fee R90 R85 5.9%
BoxOffice PVR rentals R35 R35 0.0%
DStv Indian & Portuguesa (add-on) R239 R229 4.4%
DStv Indian & Portuguesa (standalone) R375 R360 4.2%

What does this mean for Zimbabwean customers?

We contacted DSTV Zimbabwe to confirm if the price increases could be coming to Zim as well and a spokesperson said:

While we can confirm that Multichoice South Africa will increase DSTV prices in South Africa, it’s worth noting that Multichoice Africa is a seperate business unit that operates independently. In the past two years, we haven’t increased DSTV subscription prices for our customers in Zimbabwe – and in fact, we’ve decreased some package prices and added exciting premium content across various packages as part of our priority to put customers in the heart of everything we do. Should there be any changes to DStv subscription prices in Zimbabwe, we will inform our customers accordingly.


Liz Dziva

This is great news as an increase would have put subscribers in a tight spot. With subscribers paying in US$ and considering how hard it is to obtain cash an increase might have been suicide. With the pressure being applied by Kwese, Multichoice Zimbabwe’s move to maintain their prices lessens the possibility of disgruntling customers and causing them to switch to Kwese.

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8 thoughts on “Multichoice SA Announces Price Increase. Zim DSTV Prices Will Stay The Same.

  1. I switched to Kwese 2 months and I am not missing DSTV premium one bit. Price increases don’t really put people in a tight spot. They force them to consider alternatives. We now have an alternative and more alternatives may be forthcoming.

    1. Some subscribers would be in a tight spot because DStv offers a lot more content than Kwesé. Yes Kwesé is a lot cheaper but also has less content so for some the decision would not be easy to make…

      1. Multichoice Zimbabwe payment options are a burden since most banks now limit online payments to as little as $50 per day that means i can’t pay for premium bouquet in the comfort of my home but queuing in bank. Why can’t you accept the bond notes? This is a driving factor in attracting or repelling customers.

        1. If you can’t afford something then don’t pay for it. Service providers are not the only ones who need to adjust to the customers needs, customers should also adjust and use services that meet their abilities. This “why doesn’t XYZ accept bond notes” mentality makes no sense, when, if you have have USD in hand you want to sell on the black market, then pay off service providers in bond. To make it simpler, if you have 50 USD and 50 B in your pocket, which do you spend first? But, you want other people to consider them equal. That’s illogical.

  2. Multichoice murikutiomesera shuwa coz inini i go for iya iya 17 dollars bt nenyaya yekuti ndozotenga maUS inotozosvika ku26

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