NetOne Did Not Just Increase Price Of Dysfunctional OneFusion. One-Fi Got A Cut Too.

Last week we covered the revised OneFusion packages. In our OneFusion update article, we failed to highlight the new packages for NetOne’s One-Fi service. As OneFusion, One-Fi also came with bundles specific to the service and when OneFusion prices switched so did the One-Fi packages.


Price ($)2017 Data Allowance2018 Data Allowance

It seems the only constant is change when it comes to NetOne.

One-Fi service enables home users and small offices access to WiFi on NetOne’s service. The router costs $130 and it allows access NetOne’s 3G and 4G services as WiFi.


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7 thoughts on “NetOne Did Not Just Increase Price Of Dysfunctional OneFusion. One-Fi Got A Cut Too.

  1. I knew it was coming…Normal action by isp’s..get as meany subscribers hooked, then after a bit raise the tariff and most people will just keep paying it because now they feel like they cant do without the net.

  2. Bad business practice that deception at it’s very worst. Why not invest more on expanding capacity and infrastructure than cutting data bundles using network congestion as a lame excuse.

  3. I was so disappointed you know. As if reducing the data on all the packages wasn’t enough they reduced the validity period. I could do with the 10GB because most of the times everyone at home is either at school or at work and depend on the networks there but 14 days hhmmm. I would rather buy those 2GB bundles through out the month and have internet access everywhere i am.

  4. Pure nonsense. Did they even consider the 130 capital investment i made in their modem? Less than a year in more than100% tariff increase. It’s outrageous

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