NetOne Updates OneFusion Packages: Data Has Been Slashed And 30 Days Is Now 21

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There has been a picture circulating on social media that contains NetOne OneFusion’s new charges.Apparently, this picture is the real deal. We reached to NetOne and got confirmation that these are the new OneFusion packages indeed.


The changes may not be what the OneFussion fans would have wanted though. Take a look at the updated OneFusion service below:

We are yet to confirm when these new rates will be put in place but we will keep you notified as the story develops!

So many reductions

It seems the $3 dollar package is the only one that isn’t changing much. The only shift is that now your $3 will get you less OffNet minutes and SMSs. The other packages have shifted dramatically with the $5,$10 and $20 packages now lasting only 21 days compared to 30 days of before. All the packages have seen dramatic reductions of data as well. For example, the $5 bundle has seen Whatsapp data get slashed by 50%, from 750MB to 300MB. NetOne subscribers may have to change their usage patterns with the more stringent data allocations.


Will this solve the problem?

Those who have called the service ‘One conFusion’ in recent days will be proved right the longer this drags on. NetOne’s initial statement, saw them blame Facebook so it is not yet clear if these changes also mean that they will now also fix the issues of disappearing airtime and the loading of pictures on Whatsapp and Facebook. Whether these issues will now be fixed is yet to be seen but for the sake of both NetOne and customers, we hope they can sort out this mess sooner rather than later.

The rates do seem to be cheaper than Econet’s bundles so I guess NetOne users may put up with this blow if the real problem is actually addressed.

What do you think of the new OneFusion rates? Let us know in the comments below

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  1. Still a good deal,i make a lot of calls and end up juicing after 3 weeks anyway… econet is terrible and has given us a raw deal for ages; i will stick with Netone.

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