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POTRAZ Orders NetOne To Compensate OneFusion Customers Affected By Data Problems

Portraz has ordered NetOne to compensate subscribers that were facing challenges with the OneFusion program over the past week.

As reported some subscribers have seen their credit run out much quicker than usual. There has also been difficulty accessing media content on Facebook and Whatsapp. NetOne has attributed the problem to a server change on the part of Facebook. They are yet to offer an official fix and customers have been fuming for a number of days now.

Now PORTRAZ (Postal and Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe) has ordered NetOne to compensate the affected subscribers who have been affected by the billing challenges. Portraz will follow this up by auditing the OneFusion database to ensure that NetOne follows the order. 

Here is the official PORTRAZ statement:



We refer to the above matter.

The Authority has noted the billing challenges you are facing with the Onefusion product. We have also noted that you have sent a communication to your subscribers advising and admitting the same challenges. Given the extent and magnitude of complaints raised to the Regulator by the subscribers, we hereby direct you to compensate the affected consumers in accordance with the prejudice they endured. This is done in the spirit of promoting the consumers’ right to complain and redress.

Accordingly, you are further requested to provide the Authority with a database of affected subscribers that provides details of the subscriber including the name, number, and the extent to which each of them was affected in monetary terms and the compensation levels extended to the affected subscribers. The database will enable us to conduct an audit trail on whether all affected subscribers have been compensated accordingly. The database should be submitted to the Authority by 28 February 2018. You are also advised to furnish the authority with measures that you have put in place to ensure that challenges of this nature will not recur.

Yours faithfully

This is a developing story and we are now awaiting NetOne’s.

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5 thoughts on “POTRAZ Orders NetOne To Compensate OneFusion Customers Affected By Data Problems

  1. At least we now have functional telecoms regulator. Please also investigate other players in this industry because they are short changing us. We are not getting the value of our money.

  2. POTRAZ is useless they are a bunch of lazy dim-witted assholes whose job is to steal money from econet (I doubt if the other two pay any licence fees or any other fees for that matter ).They are busy hosting small workshops teaching people about technology and the Internet, The same internet we including me ( the people who don’t live in harare or big cities isusu wemuma small towns ma-growth point find so hard to access) tanzwa nekutumira tsamba they kuti tiisirwe ma-base station nemari yawanopihwa yakanzi inosenza izvozvo to no avail they don’t respond. At the end of the day you hear that they gave money to the national football team vachitenga mamota ikoko. ku area kwangu kunogara network iri 2g ukatopinda pa internet ne 2g yacho iyoyo unenge utori kuheaven

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