Techzim Reviews: Black Panther After The Post Credits Scene #PotentialSpoilerAlert!

Again before I begin I have 2 disclaimers. First off this might be a potential spoiler so tread carefully. Secondly, this is my own encounter of the movie so just in case you feel burdened with glorious purpose to skin me alive then the comments are our Colosseum.

As some of you might know yesterday was the premier of the critically acclaimed Black Panther movie. Probably the most hyped up movie since Captain America Civil War. So what was it like?

Proper Emotional Rollercoaster

Yup. It’s a concoction of highs and lows. You get moments where you laugh like there is no tomorrow and before you can recover you are teleported to desperate lows that make you slump in your seat in despair.


But as much as the emotions are a combination of 2 extremes the delivery is clinical and symphonic. It’s the right amount where you want it and when you want it. It properly gives you the fizz.

The Villain

Well hmmm…how best to put it without being a complete spoiler…

This aspect of the Marvel Cinematic Universe has been one that has pretty much left me wanting until we were graced with Loki in the Avengers followed up by Hela in Thor Ragnarok. Again this is my own point of view, critics are welcome.

With a villain, I want one that challenges me to start loving them as much as I love the hero or even more. And with the Black Panther Marvel really worked hard here. As much as the guy is just a bad guy you listen to his background and you…understand why he is doing it.

You say yes it’s bad at face value but surely using context here the bad guy has a couple of solid points. Yup, I’ll stop here. Moving on!



Oh, you bet your arm rests it is!! It’s an emotional roller coaster and enough of the time, breaths will be held and gasps will be heard.

Definitely is a properly engaging piece of work that movie. I’m properly sad that it wasn’t longer because you just want to see 5 more minutes at every moment. How I wish it was 4 hrs long


Lasting impression stuff?

A day later and I still properly feel the fizz. You know it’s left a pretty decent impression when the lights are on and people still want an end of credits scene.

And then go to the lobby and group up and relive the moment. It’s 2230hrs and peeps are standing at the door yelling “You Froze!!” and whatnot, you know they came out satisfied.

Maybe it’s because it’s an all-black cast. Maybe because the tech was just out of this world. Or maybe I have a thing for big cats. But one thing I do know is when you are alone with no one watching, you have an inner 5-year old in you that takes the wheel for a sec or three. That inner kid took over last night. Probably the kid is writing this article right now.

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