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Take Advantage Of These Exclusive Deals From Tomtop

My phone does not have a fingerprint reader and I don’t really use a pattern. Depending with the week I either activate “swipe to unlock” or use a half-hearted password because I want to avoid forgetting the password. A fingerprint reader would be awesome but back when I bought my phone, devices with a reader cost a small fortune.

The LEAGOO M9 Quad-Cam is retailing for only $62.99

Remember Tomtop one of the top three Chinese retailers we featured last time? They are offering an exclusive deal to Techzim readers. You can buy the LEAGOO M9 phone from their online store for $62.99 instead of the usual $90 that is a massive $27 savings.

Is this phone any good?

Leagoo M9 Back and Front

While it might be an unfamiliar brand the phone comes with decent specifications which are impressive given the discounted price. For $60 bucks you get 2GB of RAM, 16GB of ROM extendable up to 32GB, 3G connectivity, 5MP and 8MP cameras, Android 7 and even a silicon case on top of everything.

It comes of course with a fingerprint scanner that promises to unlock your phone in 0.1s. I do not know of any other phone that comes with a fingerprint scanner at that price. It will mean you no longer have to remember those complex patterns which have been proven countless times to be not as secure as they are cracked to be. Of course you spouse can always grab one of your fingers while you lie sleeping and unlock the phone.

Wireless headphones

You can pair this phone with an awesome pair of Bluetooth wireless headphones. Normally you would have to fork out $19 for these but again in another exclusive deal to our readers you can get these at $14.99. You will no longer have to haul dangling wires around whenever you want to go on a jog listening to music. The headphones are light and stylish and in essence should rightly be called earphones.

How to take advantage of these deals?

  1. Visit the LEAGOO M9 Quad-Cam product page and add it to cart.
  2. If your want the TWS-K2 Bluetooth Headphones too then visit their product page and also add them to your cart.
  3. If you haven’t created your Tomtop account yet then create one, if you have an account login into your account
  4. During the checkout process use the promocode:  HDPHNB5
  5. Prices will change to immediately give you the above promised savings

NB: For the phone you will be charged $11 for shipping and for the the headphones $3.70. You can expect to receive the item around 30 days after making the purchase which is of course the standard for Chinese resellers.

Making payment and Import Duty [Update]

You will need a PayPal account and or/Visa or MasterCard that can make international payments in order for you to be able to buy the phone. If you don’t already have one you can get the FBC prepaid MasterCard or Steward prepaid Visa. Both cards require you to prefund your card using foreign currency.

As this phone would be shipped abroad you will most likely have to pay import duty on it. Typically on phones duty of 25% is levied on phones as well as 15% VAT which is payable on most products in Zimbabwe.

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20 thoughts on “Take Advantage Of These Exclusive Deals From Tomtop

    1. You can purchase this phone from Zimbabwe i.e. online using a Visa or MasterCard but its not incountry no. While most Chinese retailers maintain warehouses in the U.S and Europe it would make little sense to do the same in Africa due to a low threshold population

    1. I did not deliberately omit the issue about duty. The linked article above already talks about duty and how to making payment and this article is part of that series. The other thing is that calculating duty is more of an art than a science. I have updated the article with this information.

  1. Have you used one of these leagoo phones before? Ra you just recommending it cause of price or quality and durability of brand

    1. Please note this is a sponsored article which is not the same as one of my reviews. So no I haven’t personally used this phone. Cursory research however shows this is a decent phone. Visit YouTube if you are looking for more reviews. Remember this is still a budget phone so don’t expect anything mindblowing at that price.

  2. Garikai, in your other article you did not mention the 3 best online stores in China man. And just to add something on your good article, is it possible if you compare the specs of these Chinese good brands with popular brands like Samsung, Huawei, Apple etc. Because the notion that its a Chinese brand, Zimbabweans have a stigma towards anything from China. But nevertheless, thank you for the heads up on these cheap gadgets.

    1. Yeah I will try to do. By the way in the article it says “3 top sites” not best. Best is a relative term. Please note this is a sponsored article. Chinese brands are actually quite popular (in Zimbabwe) if you really think about it ;). More popular than Samsung, Huawei and certainly Apple its just that people who buy these phones don’t really care about brand names. I know more people with M-Horse phones than with Samsung phones for example.

      Xiaomi is a brand that I am familiar with and do love. I am currently planning on replacing my current phone with a Xiaomi phone this year. And Huawei is actually a Chinese brand. The thing is there is the misconception that Chinese phones are no good that is not true. They are as every bit good as the premium brands you just need to get their flagship device. You cannot compare a $999 phone with a $70 phone. One advantage that the brands you have mentioned have is that they have Carrier contracts.

      1. how can i purchase a xiaomi phone. i once had a mi phone i purchased at zte joina city but seems they have discontinued selling the gadgets. i must admit it was a very good phone. i fell in love with it.

  3. The duty had been wrongfully underestimated by the author…. In general you looking at 50%…. So if the price is 60 expect 30…. This comes from yours off experience actually paying it…. Those figures don’t include the automatic 10 fee that really bumps up the price…. So it’s 10 plus the duty… Work on 50%

    1. The percentage of duty payable is fixed at 25% then VAT 15% is calculated on this price that has been my experience with duty you are conflating the two. VAT is payable even on locally sold items. The likely explanation for you ending up paying 50% is because the courier’s fees are included in the calculation of duty.

  4. Plus from my experience a phone at this price range has take shortcuts…. And the first thing to go would be battery life…. Usually means you’ll be charging it in 6 to 8hrs

    1. I agree with you. You cannot expect a premium phone to be sold for $60. Most brands have a flagship phone you ought to get these funds permitting.

  5. I followed our links and I noticed this at the end of the URL: “?aid=tchzm”. I’m not sure what our policies for these “tips” that you’re giving us but aren’t you supposed to disclose that you’re being paid rather than hiding ads as reviews on gadgets. I come to your site for reviews on gadgets and tech news but I’m now weary on your intentions. Nothing wrong with paying the bills but I will respect honesty where you openly disclose.

      1. No problem. Everytime you see such an article the first paragraph is always the disclosure. if you follow the link in the discloure you will learn that basically the article is crafted by the brand as a form of advertisement to help pay the bills. It seems a lot of people failed to notice that disclosure given what some of these people are saying. But then again to err is human even I make these kind of mistakes.

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