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Get a Lifetime Of Programming Skills For Only $12


Udemy is running another of it’s endless promotions. For $12 (Ecocash $16, see below for details) you can get lifetime access to a course of your choice.

The U.S and its many holidays

The U.S is one of those places where people seem to have public holidays every other day. We all have Easter, Christmas and New Year but they always seem to have more. There is the 4th of July, Thanksgiving, Halloween (you would be forgiven for thinking it’s a public holiday there), President’s Day, Flag Day, Kamehameha Day,
a lot of other stuff and now St Patrick’s Day.

Udemy is running another of its endless promotions

Udemy is running another of its seemingly endless promotions and during this St Patricks (an Irish holiday) you can grab their short term courses for $12. That will give you a lifetime access to some of the best short courses you can find online for a dime. It is always refreshing to see how international sellers offer discounts during holidays when Zimbabwean sellers always see this as an opportunity to hike their prices and make a quick buck.

What is Udemy you ask

Udemy is a U.S based company that allows tutors to create online short term video courses/tutorials for various niche topics. These courses are available online. Once you choose and enroll into a course you get lifetime access to it. This means that for bestseller frequently updated courses, you will get any future updates for free.

For example Angular JS and Laravel get updated on a yearly basis. If you enroll on some of the bestseller courses it means you can learn about next year’s version for free without rejoining the course.

Recommended courses

As always you are free to choose your own courses based on your needs and interest. There are thousands of courses on the Udemy platform so if you don’t have the time to go through the jungle or are simply too lazy below is a list of courses I would recommend:

Making payments

Enrolling into the courses require you to have a Visa/MasterCard that is capable of making international payments. For most banks that requires you having to hunt for the USD and preloading your Visa/MasterCard. If you don’t already have a card you can try the FBC Prepaid MasterCard/ Steward Visa Card both require about $10 initial deposit.

How to enroll using Ecocash

If the prospect of hunting for your own USD and getting a prepaid card seems a little bit too much but you still want to enroll in a course I might be able to help you enroll using Ecocash. Below are detailed steps on how you can go about the process:

  1. Get in touch with me via Email: garikaib at gmail dot com or via WhatsApp/Call +263772473953 if you send an SMS it will be ceremoniously ignored.
  2. Send the following details: The exact name of the course ( if possible send me the link to the course), your email ( this has to be valid ), Name and Surname
  3. If I give you the go ahead send $16 to the said number via Ecocash. This covers the bank charges for me plus a cup of coffee ($1). What can I say I like my coffee.
  4. Give me five minutes (if I am near a PC) to make the payment and check your email and Voila you should be enrolled. Ain’t I a saint.

But Udemy is not really that great

I have used it, I continue to use it and I happen to think it is a pretty great to get started. I have been using it to learn JavaScript since the beginning of the year and I can say it has been more than helpful. If you want to get started learning a language it is a pretty awesome place to get started. Then you can move on to platforms like O’Reilly, SitePoint and Envato without making a fool out of yourself.

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  1. I strongly recommend people to take up these courses, most of which are very well structured. The more developers we have, the faster our industry will grow through home grown management information systems which, in my view, is the current impediment to growth for most SMEs in Zimbabwe that are usually operating in the dark doing guess work with markets and Rn’D.

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