Google Teaching Machine Learning and AI For FREE

Google is now offering an Introductory course on Artificial Intelligence(AI) and Machine Learning(ML) for free on its new Learn With AI site.

Google hopes the site will be a hub of information for AI and ML. The site is intended to be a resource for everyone from beginners to advanced researchers. Google claims the site “will be a place where one can learn about core ML concepts, develop and hone your Machine learning skills, and apply ML to real-world problems”

Google understands people are not familiar with these concepts, including those in fields like app development where AI and ML actually matter.


The site contains a free crash course that was initially designed for Google employees. The course is 15 hours longs and only requires a surface level understanding of algebra and some basic programming ability.

For programmers who are interested in ML and AI it might be great if you check this course out considering it’s 15 hours of free knowledge. Google is also promising a lot more in the AI and ML field.

I’m going to check the course out over the next few days and if I find it particularly interesting I’ll be giving feedback on my experience and new found understanding.

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