NetOne Revises OneFusion…Again! Stay Tuned For ‘Super Data’ Bundle

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NetOne has begun notifying subscribers that OneFusion is being revised…again. From the 4th of March 2018, there will be separate Whatsapp and SuperData bundles. We are not yet aware what this SuperData bundle is but let’s wait and see.


The message from NetOne reads:

Dear subscribers, kindly note that from 4 March 2018 OneFusion is launching a separate WhatsApp and SuperData bundle to allow you to #TakeControl of your browsing.


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12 thoughts on “NetOne Revises OneFusion…Again! Stay Tuned For ‘Super Data’ Bundle

  1. 900mb of facebk yu removed and whats up yu reduced it from 700mb down to 350mb, it is nolonger attractive and by so doing u are making yo clients to shun yo product , i can imagine ma sales persons which were making a living outof 1fusion, pliz pliz restore what it used to be that is 900mb facebk, 700mb whats up add tweeter bundles again anything less its a big blow to yo business

  2. you did not need to change a perfectly well crafted package. I am sure you will lose more than 70% of your monthly subscribers because you decided to give customers a 21 day package and that is not value for money . bring back the monthly packages with reasonable data and call time unlike the newly 21 day packages

  3. here is what you should do

    450mb whatsapp
    750mb Facebook
    400mb data
    60 mins on net
    20mins off net
    5 sms

    valid for 30days

    I bet people will accept that package

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