So Which Are The Six Startups Who Got Funding From The POTRAZ/Ministry Of ICT Innovation Fund?

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We have already updated that 188 startups applied to receive financing from the government (POTRAZ) Innovation Fund and six of them were successful.

Here is a list of who they are:

We will obviously give you a more detailed update on who these startups are and what they are up to. We will talk about how much they applied for, how much they received and how they are going to deploy those funds.


Be free to tell us what you know about these startups if you know them. I know Oyos


The Postal and Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe POTRAZ) is the regulatory authority of Zimbabwe's telecommunications sector and was established in terms of the country's Postal and Telecommunications Act Chapter 12:05. POTRAZ was established in February 2001 Read More About POTRAZ


The ICT Policy And Innovation Drive Launch Live At The HICC


Potraz Finally Launches The ICT Innovation Drive To Provide Funding For Innovators In The ICT Field


    1. Tinashe Nyahasha says:


  1. Anonymous says:

    Its a step in the right direction.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Innovation is the best way we can succeed as a nation, in a competitive environment like the one we live in now some Government Ministries need to eliminated some bureaucratic tendencies when it comes to adoption of new and emerging technologies. I for one made a technical proposal at the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education some years back, I’m still waiting for the response, I can imagine the damn document has gathered significant layers of dust now.

  3. Flequesboard author says:

    iyo redpen was stolen from but who cares.

  4. Tdhl says:

    What criteria was used to award them.

  5. Van Lee Chigwada says:

    This is it? The best we can do? The sign language one and maybe the online music store(copyright and licenses troubles coming I’m sure) are quite innovative in terms of Zim standards but that is it?

    A school management system? And it’s hard to tell what the others do. The Afrimoms provides info that already exists, what else are they about besides that?

    I am a tad let down by both the selected start-ups and the level of technological progress.
    None of these apps have done anything new by Zimbabwean or global standards at all.

    ICT in Zimbabwe.

    1. Imi Vanhu Musadaro says:

      What was your submission?

      1. Van Lee Chigwada says:

        I didn’t hear about the submissions. I must have been out in remote areas.
        I’d have pushed my Health and Education projects.

        1. Ian says:

          I think it’s important to support each other, every idea deserves a chance – yours will come too. Collaboration is key to abundance – then we can compete after we’ve saturated our local atmosphere 🙂

  6. Ian Mutamiri says:

    The NatiV Project:

    Helps children (including dyslexics) learn to read and write (associate letters to sounds, and shape letters).

    1. Ian Mutamiri says:

      …in their mother tongue…

      1. Van Lee Chigwada says:

        Thank you. This seems useful too. I’ll follow it.

        1. Ian says:

          Thanks Van Lee. Would love to learn more about your Health and Education products.

          1. Van Lee Chigwada says:

            You can go to Google Play Store and search for *Zimsec*. All the apps that start with Zimsec are mine.
            The health projects are still breaking the ground.

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