Zim’s Top Payments Company, Paynow Has Launched A New Version Of Their Topup Platform. You Should Check It Out

Today, Paynow the local digital payments platform has launched a Progressive Web App(PWA) to make it easier to centralize all your payments.

What’s a Progressive Web App?

Ok, so you may be wondering what a Progressive Web App is, to begin with. Think of it as a hybrid between a regular web page and a regular application(the kind you download on Google Play or Apple Store). If an application and a web page had a baby PWA would be that child.. PWA’s load faster and allow you to pin the bookmark on your homepage.

Back to business

The progressive web app divides payments into categories such as:

  • Airtime
  • Broadband
  • WiFi
  • Utility Bills

The PWA is still being tested out so it may not work smoothly in the first few days but in my testing, I enjoyed using it and it was fluid and responsive. I managed to buy some airtime through the app and paid via EcoCash. Other payment options include Zimswitch(most banks), Telecash, Mastercard, and Visa.

My experience was on the Chrome browser and I’ll check out if and how it works on the Opera Mini platform and update this article… We all know that a big chunk of Zimbos use Opera Mini because of its data efficiency. However, that data efficiency sometimes makes the browser incompatible websites.

[UPDATE]:Paynow Topup isn’t working on Opera Mini yet, but can use it if you’re on Safari, Firefox, and Android Webview. It also works on PC if you are interested in  using there. Opera Mini support will be introduced in 2018 so stay on the lookout if you use Opera Mini as your only browser.

Here are some screenshots for you:

Paynow on the homescreen
The bills you can pay
Extra service(s)


Quick NetOne, Telecel, Africom, And Econet Airtime Recharge

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